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7 Ways to Stay Motivated Infographic

How To Stay Motivated In Sales: 7 Tips & Tricks

In the fast-paced and demanding world of sales, maintaining motivation is vital for achieving lasting success. As a sales professional, you know motivation is pivotal in driving your performance, fostering customer relationships, and achieving your targets. However, staying motivated in the face of rejection, setbacks, and intense competition can be challenging. This article will equip […]

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4 Tips To Improve Room Sales | Hotel & Event Sales Training

Challenges Facing Hotel & Event Sales Managers SOCO/ Sales has delivered multiple hotel sales training sessions for dozens of properties across Asia. With a particular focus on increasing team knowledge and application skills to increase room sales. Over time, we noticed all hotel sales managers face similar challenges – particularly the need to sell many rooms each

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Scripts for scheduling appointments

Creating scripts for scheduling appointments that will resonate with my prospective customers. Also Read: Don’t wing it! It’s important to develop scripts for leaving voicemail messages, leaving messages with assistants (gatekeepers) and when speaking directly with your prospective customers. What’s the purpose of your call? To inform, remind or persuade? Often, it’s to persuade the

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