Leading Sales Teams to Exceed Targets


Empowering Leaders to Elevate Teams & Exceed Targets

Strategic Sales Leader TraininG

develop advanced leadership skills; Lead to exceed and succeed.

Sales leaders play an essential role in ensuring their team has everything they need to be successful and exceed targets. 

Improve your sales leadership skills to inspire, guide, support, and lead sales teams to succeed in SOCO’s sales training leadership program. 

Watch your team blossom as you foster accountability, goal-setting, and employ great time-management strategies while exceeding targets.

This isn’t just training – it’s a game-changing experience that supercharges your leadership prowess.

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3 telltale Signs you Need Leadership SALES Training

Outcomes You Can See, Growth You Can Measure:
Training That Works

Leading a sales team is a complex challenge that demands a blend of people skills, strategic vision, and flexibility. 

Each leader’s journey is different, so our program provides personalized advice and strategies for different levels of experience.

Our program can improve your team’s sales performance, create a culture of success, and develop your leadership skills. Unlock exceptional sales results and gain various benefits such as:

Improve Decision-Making

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decision-making mastery!

Training gives you tools and techniques to use data for decision-making. This leads to better predictions, sales processes, and resource management.

Enhance Strategic Thinking

Our training helps you develop skills to understand the overall situation. It also helps you predict changes in the market. Additionally, it helps you create successful strategies that surpass competitors.

Increase team Engagement

Get ready to witness sales team engagement levels skyrocket, motivation reach new peaks, and accountability become second nature.



Boost Confidence (AND Results)

Enter a realm where self-assurance isn’t just a characteristic – it’s a lifestyle. With our program, you’ll cultivate the mindset, skills, and techniques to exude confidence in every interaction and decision. They will improve their performance by inspiring themselves to achieve new levels of success.


Unlock your leadership capabilities like you’ve never done before. Our program tailors advice from new managers to experienced leaders. It takes into account your experience level leading to a more confident and effective leadership. Consequently, this inspires your team to do better.


Empowering Leaders to Elevate Teams & Exceed Targets

Trophy for being the Award-Winning Training Provider
Best Management Training Provider

SOCO/ has won awards at the HR Vendors of the Year awards since 2014. These awards include Best Management Training Provider, Best Digital Learning Provider, Best Training and Facilitation Skills, and Best Sales Training Provider

Industry-leading companies choose SOCO to train their teams for a few key reasons:





•Hewlett-Packard (HP)•

What our clients have to say about US
Chau Tran
Chau Tran
Thanks Mr. Jason and Soco. I had great training days in Malaysia with Mr. Jason 🤘. Great experiences and received good and helpful advice and skills for sales job ! High recommendation for Sales courses
Admissions Manager
Admissions Manager
It was an engaging session with lots of tips that the team was able to use in their daily work. Tom was excellent in connecting with various people within the team and kept them involved in the discussions. Highly recommended.
Fred Fischer
Fred Fischer
The SOCO team facilitated a workshop that exceeded our (already high) expectations. Engagement from our sales team, especially those disgruntled to have been taken out of the field, was phenomenal....I could not have achieved our learning objectives w/o SOCO's assistance. I am looking forward to leveraging your team again soon.
Thank you for sales skills and knowledge sharing. It was a fruitful training. So much fun and Tom encouraged me a lot.
Laura Chong
Laura Chong
Great session with Allen! He was knowledgeable and tailored the session to our needs. Session was engaging as well with the use of roleplays.
Jereme Chong
Jereme Chong
Great training provider, was attentive and ready to assist with any requests. Would definitely use them again for other training needs.
Jason Cabute
Jason Cabute
We had the training sometime in September. We appreciate the great course, and it has helped us to better serve our customers.
Jon Cronin
Jon Cronin
Engaging, thoughtful training with a real insight into the world of sales.
karami omar
karami omar
The virtual learning experience has boosted my confidence level. So many new ideas apart from refreshed ones have been shared. Will definitely share with my partners and team members. Well Done SOCO!


SOCO provides 4-12 weeks of content after the workshop to help reinforce the in-class learning.

Post Training Evaluation

We conduct an in-depth assessment of the learners post training to evaluate what they learnt and how they will implement it.

ROI Maximizer & Next Steps

To ensure you get the most out of the training and your investment we conduct a debrief call to highlight next steps needed and recommendations on how to maximize effectiveness.


Empowering Leaders, Elevating Teams, Exceeding Targets

what you'll learn
[SOCO] delivered a very upbeat and motivational training session to our sales leaders whom greatly benefitted from the 2 day session. My take away is "it is one thing to know but another to do it".
florence lee
regional director sales & marketing at geodis
Who IS STRATEGIC Sales Leadership Training FOR?

New, seasoned and aspiring sales leaders will all benefit from SOCO’s Sales Leadership Training.  Our program helps sales leaders transition from being a good sales professional to becoming a sucessful sales leader. We teach them the necessary skills to lead a high performing team that works together to achieve goals. This leads to personal and professional growth for the team and better, more consistent results.



1/2 to 2-Day In-Person Workshop or
Multiple 120 Minute VILT sessions

For who

New, Seasoned and Aspiring Sales Leaders


In-person, e-learning or
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)


To ensure the growth and success of your business, it is essential to properly train your sales leaders. They also help their salespeople learn new skills, stay motivated, and do their best.


However, without proper training, sales leaders may lack the necessary skills to perform these tasks effectively. That can lead to poor sales results, unhappy salespeople, and unhappy customers.


If sales leaders get good training, they can help their sales teams do amazing things. They can help them sell more, perform better, and ultimately increase revenue. They can also help them keep their customers happy and loyal.


Sales leadership training can benefit your business in multiple ways. It can help your business stand out and gain more respect. Additionally, it can improve sales efficiency and adaptability. Ultimately, this will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Yes, hiring a sales trainer can be a valuable investment for your sales team.


An external sales trainer brings several advantages:

  • Diverse Experience: External trainers have experience training different companies and industries, allowing them to share best practices and insights from various sources.
  • Continuous Learning: External trainers are constantly updating their knowledge and techniques, ensuring that they bring fresh and up-to-date strategies to your team.
  • Objective Perspective: External trainers offer an objective view of your team's strengths and weaknesses, providing unbiased feedback and tailored training solutions.

As compared to an internal trainer, these are some of the insights that they may not have. By hiring an external sales trainer, you can leverage their expertise to help your sales team grow into top performers and stay competitive in the market.

The average cost of Sales leadership training can vary significantly depending on the provider and duration of the training. Companies can expect to pay between $400 to thousands per learner.

Sales Leadership Training can be delivered live in-person, live-virtually, via e-learning or a combination of methods referred to as 'blended learning'.

Training sessions can vary in length to accommodate different needs. They can be delivered as short 90 minute sessions delivered via web conferencing software or can span 1-3 days in-person.


This flexibility allows us to cater to your preferences and scheduling constraints, ensuring everyone can receive the training they need no matter how busy they are. 

You will learn different skills and strategies that you can use to guide, plan, and shape how your sales team works. You will also learn how to help your salespeople learn new skills, stay motivated, and do their best.


Some of the things you may learn in a sales leadership training session are:


  1. Different leadership styles and what really works: How to lead your sales team in different ways, depending on the situation and the people. You will learn about different leadership styles, and how to choose the best one for each scenario. You will also learn how to balance between being directive and supportive, and between being task-oriented and relationship-oriented.
  2. What metrics to track and how to analyse the data: How to plan and measure your sales goals and activities, and use data to make better decisions. You will learn about different sales metrics, and how to use data analysis tools and techniques to interpret and visualize the data, and how to communicate the data insights to your salespeople and stakeholders in a clear and actionable way.
  3. How to motivate and incentivize sales teams: How to motivate and reward your sales team, and make them feel valued and respected. You will learn about different types of motivation, and how to provide the appropriate rewards and recognition for your salespeople. You will also learn how to provide your salespeople with autonomy, mastery, and purpose, and how to use fair and transparent compensation, commission, and bonus schemes.
  4. Building a high-performance sales culture: How to create a positive and collaborative sales culture, where everyone works together and supports each other. You will learn about the values, beliefs, and norms that shape the sales team’s behavior and performance, and how to set the vision, mission, and goals for the sales team. You will also learn how to model and reinforce the desired values and behaviors, and how to use tools and techniques to create and maintain a high-performance sales culture.
  5. How to hire the right salesperson for the job: How to hire the best salespeople for your team, and help them grow and improve. You will learn about the ideal sales candidate profile, and making the final hiring decision. You will also learn how to consider the fit between the salesperson and the sales team, the sales culture, and the sales strategy.
  6. Running effective sales team meetings: How to run effective sales team meetings, where you share information, feedback, and ideas. You will learn about the best practices for planning and running the sales team meetings.
Measuring the ROI of sales training involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) before and after the training to assess the impact on your business. Examples of some of the KPIs tracked include increased sales revenue, higher closing rates, improved customer satisfaction, and shorter sales cycles.

We are committed to serving clients around the world. Our training programs have been successfully delivered in various international locations includeing all APAC countries, Europe, Canada, and North America. Regardless of your organization's location, we can work with you to provide high-performance sales training solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our global reach ensures that businesses in different countries can benefit from our expertise in optimizing B2B sales teams.



All participants receive complete Sales Leadership Training workbooks, post-training reinforcement content and access to our exclusive Facebook group (SOCO® Selling™ Community: B2B, B2C, Selling Remotely, Social Selling) for ongoing support.

Course booklets are provided for our Sales Leadership training


Empowering Leaders to Elevate Teams To Achieve & Exceed Targets

start your journey; Lead to exceed

Develop advanced leadership skills and take your sales team to the next level.

Request pricing or discover the right pillars and modules for your leaders – our experienced program advisors are always happy to help.

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