sales force management training singapore


SOCO's Sales Leadership training is about incorporating coaching, leadership and metrics to create high performing sales teams. To be an effective sales manager, leaders need to both lead by example and know how to encourage implementation of best practices. Sales leaders need to master motivating their teams to reach targets while also encouraging a team environment which supports sharing of best practices.

This training will equip sales leaders with the competencies and knowledge to manage a sales force at the top level. It will enable them to lead each sales professional within the team to accelerate sales performances and exceed in the market place.

With increased competition, every sales manager needs to adapt quickly and lead the team to beat competitors. It takes more than being a great salesperson to manage a team it takes a leader who know how to bring out the best in every single person on their team.

Virtual or In-Person Sales Management Training

Learn the essential skills needed to lead high-performing sales teams that reach targets. Have SOCO deliver a private customised Sales Force Management training for your team either delivered through a series of webinars or in small group sizes.


  • Essential sales coaching skills

  • Different leadership styles and what really works

  • What metrics to track and how to analyse the data

  • How to motivate and incentivize sales teams

  • Building a high-performance sales culture

  • How to hire the right salesperson for the job

  • Running effective sales team meetings

  • Activities, case studies, and role plays


New or seasoned sales managers should attend our Management Mastery workshop to fine tune their coaching skills, discover new tools to motivate their team and learn what it takes to build a highly effective sales force.

Because not all sales teams are created equally, it starts with effective management skills.

SOCO's sales leadership training will equip leaders with the skills needed to move from being great a sales professional to being a successful sales leader - one who's team works together to reach goals.

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Why SOCO Training

SOCO/ Training is a Winner in the Best Sales Training Provider and Best E-Learning and Mobile Learning Provider categories in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong at the HR Vendors of the Year Awards in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Customers include: Ascendas-Singbridge, Crocs, Fuji-Xerox, Maersk, Marina Bay Sands, Millennium Hotels, Prudential, Singtel, Spotify, Swatch Group, Venetian Macao and Zendesk.

sales force management training singapore