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Today, teams must be highly motivated, take on challenges with eagerness, and consistently exceed expectations to be successful. That’s because all organizations want teams that don’t blindly follow orders but look to improve upon them. 

A good leader either knows how to use their team’s strengths, explore new possibilities, or motivate them to do their best. However, it requires a masterful leader to do all of them. 

SOCO’s® Management Sales Training helps first-time and seasoned managers develop skills to bring out the best in their team. This training is beneficial for managers who work in the office, at home, or in a blended environment.

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Are the statements above consistent with your experience? You may need to learn the management skills needed to be a confident and skilled manager to create and lead a successful team.

Management TRAINING

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Discover Key Techniques to Drive Your Sales Team Forward

Who Should Attend Management SALES Training?

Management Sales Training teaches new, experienced, and future managers the leadership skills to lead a successful, high-performing team.


1/2 to 2-Day In-Person Workshop or
Multiple 120 Minute VILT sessions

For who

New Managers, Seasoned & Aspiring Leaders


Live Workshop, E-Learning or
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

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SOCO/ has won awards at the HR Vendors of the Year awards since 2014. These awards include Best Management Training Provider, Best Digital Learning Provider, Best Training and Facilitation Skills, and Best Sales Training Provider

Industry-leading companies choose SOCO to train their teams for a few key reasons:





•Hewlett-Packard (HP)•

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Step Up as a Sales Manager With Our Expert Training.

How does Management Mastery Training help to improve teams?

Companies usually train new hires well, but neglect training their new managers. Their perception is that it is too expensive, time-consuming, or ineffective. This approach, although common, can harm job performance. Management Mastery Training helps equip managers and their teams with the skills needed to be productive and profitable.

A supportive team that shares goals makes work easier for everyone. The group starts collaborating and sharing best practices, and everyone helps everyone get better.

High-performance teams led by successful managers understand that we cannot control what happens outside our businesses. However, we can and we must control what happens inside them. This means that these sales professionals can give and handle constructive criticism well. In this manner, no one is afraid to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Hiring the right people with good skills and the right mindset will lower your employee turnover and help you retain the best talent.

High-performance teams work in synergy. They agree on a shared vision and have delegated roles and responsibilities to achieve it as soon as possible.



SOCO provides 4-12 weeks of content after the workshop to help reinforce the in-class learning.

Post Training Evaluation

We conduct an in-depth assessment of the learners post training to evaluate what they learnt and how they will implement it.

ROI Maximizer & Next Steps

To ensure you get the most out of the training and your investment we conduct a debrief call to highlight next steps needed and recommendations on how to maximize effectiveness.



Learn The Sales Management Skills to Nurture Your Sales Team into Top Sales Professionals


Becoming a manager is a significant career transition that involves new skills, responsibilities, and challenges. Managers are not only accountable for their own work, but also for the performance, development, and well-being of their team members.


Managers need good communication skills and be able to make good choices and match their team’s goals with the company’s vision.


Without proper training and support, first time managers may struggle to adapt to their new role. They will then face problems like low confidence, an unhappy team, high turnover, and decreased productivity.


Training for new managers helps them develop the skills they need to succeed in their role. It can also provide new managers with support and guidance from experienced sales coaches, mentors, and peers.


This can help them overcome the common challenges and pitfalls that new managers face, such as imposter syndrome, role ambiguity, isolation, and stress. Management Sales training helps new managers to build their confidence, competence, and resilience. This will then help in fostering a positive and productive workplace.

Yes, hiring a trainer can be a valuable investment for your team.


An external trainer brings several advantages:

  • Diverse Experience: External trainers have experience training different companies and industries, allowing them to share best practices and insights from various sources.
  • Continuous Learning: External trainers are constantly updating their knowledge and techniques, ensuring that they bring fresh and up-to-date strategies to your team.
  • Objective Perspective: External trainers offer an objective view of your team's strengths and weaknesses, providing unbiased feedback and tailored training solutions.

As compared to an internal trainer, these are some of the insights that they may not have. By hiring an external trainer, you can leverage their expertise to help your team perform at their best and stay competitive in the market.

The average cost of First time manager training can vary significantly depending on the provider and duration of the training. Companies can expect to pay between $400 to thousands per learner.

First time manager training can be delivered live in-person, live-virtually, via e-learning or a combination of methods referred to as 'blended learning'.

We also offer a similar course outline in our management e-learning course which is catered for individuals.

Training sessions can vary in length to accommodate different needs. They can be delivered as short 90 minute sessions delivered via web conferencing software or can span 1-3 days in-person.


This flexibility allows us to cater to your preferences and scheduling constraints, ensuring everyone can receive the training they need no matter how busy they are. 

Our Management Sales training sessions helps managers learn how to lead their teams effectively.
The sessions typically cover the following topics:

Strategically lead teams through uncharted territory

In today’s dynamic and complex world, leaders need to be able to handle uncertainty and change quickly. They need to spot and grab opportunities from the changing world and encourage their teams to be more creative and eager to learn.


Handling difficult conversations about performance

A good manager needs to be able to communicate well with their employees. This means providing constructive feedback, dealing with poor work performance or behavior, and solving disagreements respectfully and effectively. They should communicate clearly and assertively, listen actively and empathetically, and find win-win solutions that benefit both parties.


Motivating your team to exceed expectations

A good manager needs to set clear and challenging goals, recognize and reward good work, and empower their team to do their best. They need to be able to align their team’s goals and work environment with the organization’s vision and values.


Creating a team environment

Managers need to be able to build trust and rapport with their team. They need to communicate and collaborate effectively with others and leverage the diversity and strengths of their team. They need to be able to adjust how they lead and work based on the different needs and views of their team members.


Dealing With Negative Staff

A good manager needs to have interpersonal skills to be a people manager too. Negative staff can affect the morale and productivity of the whole team. Managers need to know how to communicate effectively and constructively with negative staff. They need to be able to provide feedback and coaching and implement strategies for conflict resolution.


Effective Goal-setting

To lead a team effectively, managers should have a clear and shared vision, mission, and values for their team. They have to plan and prioritize their team’s tasks and goals and monitor and evaluate their team’s performance. They need to be able to set clear and realistic goals for their team, using SMART criteria. They also need to check how their team is doing on the day-to-day and how well they are meeting their goals.


Creating a High-performing Company Culture

To lead effectively, managers should match their team culture with the organization's culture. They should also show and encourage the behaviors and attitudes they want from their team. Additionally, they should communicate and collaborate well with other stakeholders.

They should know and follow the organization's values and principles. They should also promote them among their team.


Managing Remote Teams

Although we are now in the post-COVID era, many companies still have remote teams to manage. Managers must adjust their sales leadership style and practices to the virtual environment. They must overcome the challenges of remote work, and support their team’s performance and well-being. They need to use technology well, communicate often and clearly, and create a sense of belonging in their team.

Measuring the ROI of sales training involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) before and after the training to assess the impact on your business. Examples of some of the KPIs tracked include increased sales revenue, higher closing rates, improved customer satisfaction, and shorter sales cycles.

We are committed to serving clients around the world. Our training programs have been successfully delivered in various international locations includeing all APAC countries, Europe, Canada, and North America. Regardless of your organization's location, we can work with you to provide high-performance sales training solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our global reach ensures that businesses in different countries can benefit from our expertise in optimizing B2B sales teams.

management mastery Training PROGRAM MATERIALS


All participants receive complete Management Mastery workbooks, post-training reinforcement content and access to our exclusive Facebook group (SOCO® Selling™ Community: B2B, B2C, Selling Remotely, Social Selling) for ongoing support.

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Learn what you want, when you want, with over 20 on-demand Management Mastery videos. All of which are instantly available inside our e-learning portal SOCO Academy.


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