Sales Force Management

Attitude and mindset go a long way when building a high-performing team. When the attitude and potential are there… but the results aren’t YET… train them, teach them, mentor them. If the right attitude isn’t there… you know what to do… Here’s an excerpt from the Q&A of a virtual keynote I did recently. An […]

Tools To Manager Remote Sales Teams from Tom Abbott, CSP If you haven’t already been using cloud solutions for your business, I bet you are now! Here are some tools I like for managing remote sales teams: Video Communication Tools Video is the next best thing to face to face so use it whenever you […]

The Hunters and Farmers Model helps guide sales leaders in developing each representative’s inherent strengths to gain the team’s shared ideal outcome. For instance, most organization’s structure requires a group of Hunters. The Hunters’ responsibility is to find leads. Conversely, a team of Farmer’s responsibility is to nurture existing clients, compel prospects, and inspire long-term […]

How To Scale Your Sales Team from Tom Abbott, CSP Way to go! Your company’s sales team is doing great! Sales numbers are up, and the future looks brighter than ever. There is just one problem. All the members of your current sales force are already maxing out their current level of productivity, and it […]

 While a person’s inherent creativity, charisma, and personality can be all it takes to close a sale on occasion, possessing solid sales fundamentals is what enables someone to perform well consistently. Besides having the right personality for the job, effective selling requires the ability to follow a proven process, and that is what a […]

7 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team to Reach Targets from Tom Abbott, CSP Effective sales leaders are role models who embody the vision and mission of the company they work for while inspiring their team to reach their potential and sales targets. Also Read: Sales Infographics – From Motivation to Strategy Motivational Sales Quote […]

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