Sales Skills

The essential sales skills all sales professionals, business development representatives and agents need to start implementing.

Key account managers are critical in ensuring a company’s success with their clients. As a key account manager, your job is to ensure that you are forming strong relationships that can benefit both parties long term. If you can close a sale and form strong relationships with your potential customers, you may have what it […]

In the blink of an eye, the world has changed and so has the way sales teams sell their solution. Because of all of these changes, it’s been a pleasure to pair up with Salesforce to bring fresh ideas to sales teams across Asia. During Salesforce’s recent Salesforce Live: Asia I had the chance to […]

With no clear end in sight to the present physical distancing efforts, it’s probably a good idea to even out all of the Netflix shows you’re consuming with some good old fashioned reading… and maybe even pick up some new skills while you’re at it!  Here’s 9 sales books I recommend you read right now […]

When the economy starts to slow down and the amount of leads coming in or the number of prospects signing up decreases, many companies look at ways to lower expenses. While it’s always smart to run a lean company, the smartest companies know that a downturn is the right time to increase spending on activities that […]

The world of sales can prove challenging and at times, intimidating. It’s little wonder that many salespeople find themselves approaching the close of a sale with an almost apologetic attitude. There’s a difference between using a soft close and simply giving the customer an easy out. Fortunately, there’s a simple yet powerful technique that can […]

So you’re wondering how to increase your LinkedIn connections? Whether you’re looking for potential clients, new employees or a new employer, building your LinkedIn connections can be a very valuable asset. When done correctly, with the right amount of effort, you can quickly go from hundreds to thousands of connections in just a couple of […]