Featured Client
“Tom Abbott is a powerful speaker that can ignite the passion and learning interest of delegates or attendees to his seminar.”
Orly Ballesteros
COO Exlinkevents
Thank you for speaking at CenturyLink APAC enterprise kickoff in Singapore and sharing your wisdom and spirit. You left us to be energized and inspired to be Better, Strong and Faster in 2019.
Ricky Chau
Vice President Enterprise Market, CenturyLink APAC
Recently engaged Tom's service to customise and facilitate the SOCO selling workshop for our employees. Kudos to Tom for engaging and connecting with the participants awesomely! Tom was extremely relatable and able to break through to our group who are not from the sales field. Absolutely positive reviews from the group and thanks to Tom for 're-igniting' the spark in our team. The group has come back with very positive take-aways and look forward to implementing their learning.
Subathra Devi
HR Professional, Busy Bees Asia
The examples that you give on each topic makes it so easy to understand - and I love how it delves deep into making “selling” more into problem-solving and collaborating
Kia Alvarez-Abrera
CEO, Braveworks Graphics Studio Co.
Tom was the keynote speaker at the Annual Marketers Summit with 300 marketing professionals. We had a scintillating experience with his presentation and the level of excitement brought in by him. He was able to keep the audience glued right throughout and only wished that he could speak the entire day
Prageeth Senanayake
Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing
Thanks for your time today and the great session on Prospecting! I thought that the audience was really engaged and was great hearing your perspective on timing/follow ups and also targeted messaging.
Having attended many sales training seminars over the past 30 years, yesterday’s three hour session was the best I have attended. You have the ability to engage and entertain, whilst staying on point, and you were also able to make all points relevant to the entire audience, be they from room sales, MICE, front desk or food & beverage – no mean feat!
Keith D Blott
Director of Sales and Marketing Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore
Great presentation and fun training.. I must say….no time to get bored.. I love it... Is an excellent course as it covers all aspects from improving our attitude and sales discipline......Tom Abbott’s program is one of the best sales workshops I have attended in my 21 years salescareer.
Telekom Malaysia Sales Workshop Participants
Tom is refreshingly streetwise with a pragmatic business focus and bases his coaching on actual sales and management experience. He is also an excellent facilitator and has helped us address many of our internal and external challenges. We are impressed with Tom’s sales coaching methodologies on sales approach, exposure to communication skills, sales leadership fundamentals, etc. which sharpens our team’s thinking. We hope to continue working with Tom in the years to come. We would highly recommend Tom as a sales coach for any business looking to boost profits.
TL Dang
Managing Director Omega Integration Pte Ltd
Thank you very much for throwing so much energy and inspiration on stage at Prudential’s Flying Start 2019 event Tom. I really look forward to passing on the positive vibes to everyone I know!! Will always remember his secret to success tip “learners are earners” meaning to keep pursuing knowledge and be the best in what you do.
Atiq Idris
Financial Consultant, Prudential
I was searching for a Sales trainer to guide my sales team on prospecting and presentation skills for quite a while. I was recommended through word of mouth of a close pal to consider Tom. I have no regrets in my decision as my team & I benefited a lot from his sharing. Tom, armed with years of sales experiences, is very passionate in helping sales professionals to be successful.
Darence Loh
Senior Director of Sales, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres
Many thanks for your sales tips that you provided to me. This year I got nominate for 2019 Sales Master of Asia Pacific in Maersk Global Sales Conference in Madrid.
Sivakorn Peganant
Sales Representative, Maersk Thailand
Thank you so much for an inspiring and energetic presentation. We and our teams thoroughly enjoyed our time with you, and all the helpful insights you had share!
Patti Wallace
HR, Kimberly Clark Professional APAC
Tom trained our consultants and shared several takeaways they could apply to their current selling situations. 80% of our consultants have since become more curious (Tom’s mantra!) and more effective at upsales and closing more sales as a result. He motivated them to understand that sales come from practice (not luck) and our enrollment percentage has since increased from 20% to 50%. Our consultants are now inspired to be courageous (Tom’s mantra!) and to share the benefits of our services with clients. I would highly recommend Tom as a speaker and trainer for any business looking to get the most from their sales teams.
Sasivee Suetrong
General Manager Marie France Bodyline International (Thailand) Ltd.
Thank you for putting together a wonderful seminar. It was brilliantly designed, brilliantly simple, and brilliantly delivered.
Kenny Peng
PharmEng Technology
Tom Abbott is an EXPERT and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Sales trainer. He provides practical strategies and tips that can be immediately used to increase sales, he doesn’t just train, he “entertrains” and Tom makes complex Sales systems easy to understand. He is a valuable member of the Marketing Institute of Singapore (the National Body for Sales and Marketing) and is passionate about sharing his expertise with the fraternity.
Jefrey Gomez
Acting Executive Director Marketing Institute of Singapore
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