Negotiation skills

If your business enters into negotiations with customers, clients or other businesses, training your employees on different negotiation tactics can be very important. One of the tactics you may want to instill into your employees is a win-win negotiation tactic. Win-win negotiations are a type of tool that can benefit both parties who are negotiating, […]

Stalled negotiations are frustrating for both parties involved. The person you’re trying to close a deal with isn’t budging, and you’re getting tired of it. But what if there was a way to get around this? Overcoming a negotiation that just isn’t going anywhere is easy with a few simple steps.  1. Get Rid of […]

It’s vital to uncover hidden agendas in negotiations. The ulterior motives and private goals that exist just out of sight can quickly derail and stall negotiations if not detected and dealt with early. Everyone has agendas, but how do you discover these hidden motivations? A hidden agenda is not a bad thing – great leaders have […]