Social Selling

Using social media to increase sales

Tom Abbott is a Singapore based sales specialist who has written 2 books on sales – The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business and Social Selling: 10 Essential Strategies to Prospect, Position and Present Using Social Media. Tom trains 10s of thousands of sales professionals annually all over Asia including Singapore, […]

Here’s a startling statistic: When you’re cold-calling, you may have to make an average of eight calls to an organisation before you’ll get through to the right person. Now, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound good to me. That’s why people hate cold calls, because they’re cold. In order to get past […]

Based on a study done by Social Media Examiner, the vast majority of companies believe that social media is clearly benefiting different stages of their sales funnel. 92% say social media has increased exposure, 66% have generated leads through social media, 58% have more business partnerships and 50% see improved sales. Even though companies may be […]

Most people use social media solely as a broadcasting tool. They forget the fundamentals of sales. You should be listening 80% of the time, asking questions 10% of the time and “selling” only 10% of the time. Social media is a noisy place, so instead of competing to see who can broadcast the loudest, try […]

How To Find Your Target Audience On Social Media from Tom Abbott, CSP Are you looking to reach a large number of your ideal target customer on social media? Want to learn how to increase sales using digital marketing, internet marketing, online marketing and social media marketing? Learn the 3 rules essential to social selling […]