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Maximize growth and your organization’s potential through Asia’s leading sales training course provider. Our award-winning, customized training develops your sales team into high-performing sales experts to help launch your company to the next level. Our suite of solutions and products are designed to get sales staff trained quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.


B2B sales is quite simply, the act of businesses selling to other businesses. An example would be a shoe manufacturer (business) selling to a shoe store (another business). B2B sales are quite different when compared to B2C (business to consumer) sales. B2C sales are when the shoe store sells shoes to the end user (me or you).

We find it important to address B2B sales differently, as these deals are often much larger and complex, have multiple decision makers and have a longer sales cycle when compared to B2C sales.

Award Winning Sales Training Provider

SOCO/ Sales Training is honoured to announce that we took home an award in the Best Sales Training Provider category in Singapore and for Best Sales Training Provider and E-Learning Provider in Malaysia at the Year Awards HR Vendors of the Year Awards. This is now our 5th year participating in the prestigious event and our 5th year taking home awards in these categories:

  • Singapore 2016 Silver Best Sales Training Provider
  • Singapore 2017 Best E-Learning and Mobile Learning Provider
  • Singapore 2018 Bronze Best Sales Training Provider
  • Malaysia 2018 Bronze Best E-Learning and Mobile Learning Provider
  • Malaysia 2018 Bronze Best Sales Training Provider
  • Singapore 2019 Bronze Best Sales Training Provider
  • Malaysia 2019 Sliver Best E-Learning and Mobile Learning Provider
  • Singapore 2020 Bronze Best Sales Training Provider

Here are some of the many reasons why industry-leading companies choose SOCO Sales Training to train their teams.

B2B Sales Training Program

Running a productive and profitable sales department depends on having the right employees with the knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively. In order to get the most from your sales team, the members need to be continually updating their selling skills. This is true whether the person is a long-time team member or brand-new to your company. With proper B2B sales training, you can grow your company faster than you thought possible.

1. Tailored Approach

A “one-size fits all” mentality isn’t optimal for achieving your expected return on investment from B2B sales training. That’s why the first element every program needs to have is personalisation – tailoring to your industry, with case studies, stories and exercises.

2. Skills Assessment

Every B2B sales program should start with a pre-training needs assessment to determine the best course of action to improve your sales. By doing this, you lay the concrete foundations for learner retention and learning reinforcement down the line.

3. Implementation Support

What happens when sales reps and managers leave the room after training? Learners need to be supported with additional materials such as cheat sheets, frameworks, planners, checklists and conversation guides to ensure a smooth implementation of what they have learnt.

4. Training Reinforcement

Learning reinforcement is a critical piece of the cogs that form your return on investment for B2B sales training. Too often, sales teams leave training expecting to go back into the world of work – and have improved their results without changing much about their habits. That’s why to make a long-lasting and impactful change to your operations, all b2b sales training programs need a training reinforcement plan.

5. Coaching

We know that all businesses experience periods of rapid change, which is why leaders need to support their teams regularly. It’s imperative to provide your team with more structure, not less – because once your sales team have achieved a certain level of understanding – lecturing isn’t practical. Your sales team know what to do, but they don’t know how to accomplish this – that’s why coaching is imperative in any B2B sales training program. 


Every company is different and your sales training program needs to address these differences. That means, forget about covering general sales topics and instead concentrate on the specific needs which are relevant to the real-world challenges of the sales professionals. Here are SOCO/ Sales Training we conduct an in-depth analysis of the company and team before we start planning the program. Once we fully understand the company, their target audience and their customers, we then prepare training that is relevant to their industry and their sales process. All of this is even more important in B2B sales as what works in a retail scenario isn’t always relevant for a company selling to another business (B2B).


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Maximise Results with SOCO

It’s a shocking fact that many sales teams have never gone through any formal sales training, yet the company’s revenue relies on them. Without proper training and a formal sales structure, teams are left to trial and error to figure out what works—leaving some team members to excel while others are left struggling.

By implementing a world-class sales training program and a complete system, team members help each other achieve their goals; best practices are implemented, and, most importantly, closing ratios are increased. Sales training is one of the few corporate training programs that has an almost immediate positive return on investment (ROI).

Maximize growth and your organization’s potential through Singapore’s leading sales training provider. Our award-winning, customized training develops your sales team into high-performing sales experts to help launch your company to the next level. Our suite of solutions and products are designed to get sales staff trained quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

We believe in creating solution-focused, goal-oriented sales specialists who take pride in their profession. The SOCO/ Selling methodology includes our seven pillars of selling and our exclusive top-to-bottom sales funnel methodology. Every sales team begins the program with pre-training assessments, which allow us to build a custom training experience ensuring our program provides the most effective results for your company.

SOCO/ Sales Training is available throughout Asia and is taught in seven different languages, including English, ThaiIndonesian, Malay, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Cantonese, with new languages being added continually.

For three years in a row, SOCO/ has been awarded Best Sales Training Provider by Human Resources Magazine. Our awards include Best Sales Training Provider in Singapore (Bronze 2018, Silver 2016), Best Sales Training Provider in Malaysia (Bronze, 2018, Bronze 2017), and Best Sales Training Provider in Hong Kong (Bronze 2018, Bronze 2017, Silver 2016)

Customised, Results Based Training

At SOCO/, we don’t believe in 1-off training, which is why we recommend a complete system. All of our sales training programs include:


Training sessions tend to present a lot of information at a rapid pace and attendees can forget much of the valuable information they hear. That is why it is critical that you give those who attend B2B sales training a comprehensive manual to take home and study after the course. Our training package is more than just a printout of the PowerPoint presentation. Instead, participants get a detailed manual which walks them through all of the critical aspects of the sales course including techniques and concepts discussed. All of which is further reinforced post training with weekly B2B sales training videos, articles, tips and slide decks.

who our Sales Training programs are for

New and seasoned sales professionals and sales managers will all benefit from training using the SOCO® Selling™ methodology. Our interactive training style allows new sales reps to learn from not only the experienced trainer but also their seniors. Sales reps who have been selling for many years can fine tune their craft and learn new skills as the sales profession is always evolving and SOCO Sales Training is always at the cutting-edge of modern sales techniques. Sales is a skill that needs to be sharpened regularly to ensure maximum results.

b2b sales training
delivering lasting results

The knowledge gained from a sales workshop should be reinforced by management and leadership. By providing tools for managers to continue the learning, new techniques can be practiced and tested post training to ensure maximum retention and implementation.

It’s also important to assess how well attendees retained the information through post training assessments and on the job behavior analysis which can then give guidance on where to spend more time. Regular coaching sessions are also a very effective way to reinforce and assess learning.

With the proper sales program you can see amazing results for your company. Following these guidelines is an excellent start in helping to make your B2B sales training program a huge success.

SOCO® Selling™ Academy

Our award winning e-learning platform SOCO Academy is a vast library of on-demand sales skills training videos.

Available in 5 different languages including English, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and Mandarin, companies around the world use our e-learning platform to onboard new sales staff, reinforce learning between training sessions and allow staff to learn new skills in their own time. 

7 PILLARs of soco selling

Our complete sales training system encompasses the seven pillars of SOCO/ Selling. Companies can pick and choose topics based on the pressing needs of the team with the help of one of our program advisors. The basis of SOCO® Selling™ is founded on these seven pillars:


Avoid presenting abstract sales theories which are not immediately useful to sales members or skills which are difficult to determine whether or not they are making an impact on their success. 

By sharing easy-to-follow procedural steps, this allows them to know exactly where they are in the process and what they need to do next. This not only gives them the confidence that they are on the right path, but they can quickly evaluate how successful the technique is working.

We reinforce this with problem specific role-plays. By asking the participants what their pressing challenges are we can address those specific issues in the workshop and share the desired outcome with all attendees.

sharing our outstanding experience! the program was interactive and energising and we're looking forward to the follow up component to ensure the results of the training are not 'left in the classroom'.
catherine white
director of sales operations, venetian Resorts
in-person or virtual training - the choice is yours

Our complete SOCO® Selling™ methodology is available live in-person, live virtually (VILT) and on-demand in our e-learning platform SOCO Academy. With everything going on in the world, many of our clients are choosing to train their teams in our award winning system either entirely virtually or using a blended learning approach. 

Let’s build Your dream sales TEAM

Get a quote or find out the right pillars and modules for your team. Our experienced program advisors are happy to help.

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