Train Staff Faster and More Effectively

By combining online training, personalised reinforcement and live webinars, staff can be trained with less downtime and higher retention.

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Provide a Complete Training System with SOCO Academy

Using SOCO Academy, staff can learn how they want and when they want. This means less downtime spent on learning new concepts. Instead use live webinars to practice what they learnt.

Learn From Anywhere in the World

Our mobile ready platform allows students to learn anywhere an internet connection is available. Whether it's during the morning commute, from an overseas location or at the office in-between meetings. The flexibility makes learning easy.

Social to Keep Staff Engaged

By using the integrated chat and forum features, staff can easily ask their instructor questions and share ideas with each other and their team leaders. This keeps them engaged and the ideas flowing. Best of all, conversations can be referenced by new participants so they are brought up to speed quickly.

Gamification to Accelerate Completion

Learning gets exciting when rewards and prizes are involved. With SOCO Academy participants are rewarded with badges, certificates and points which they use to redeem digital prizes.

Quizzes to Test Retention

Our built in quizzes at the end of each lesson test the participants' retention from each section. Quizzes must be passed by at least 70% to complete the course.

Practice New Skills Online

Through the use of online forms and templates, students practice and implement what they learnt in each module. Best of all, these are available for all participants from the same company to view so staff can learn from each other.

Easy To Consume Modules

Our videos are kept deliberately short at 3 to 7 minutes long. This allows a faster sense of completion and means participants don't have to dedicate hours of uninterrupted time to learn a new topic.

Sample Course Videos

No boring, dry speeches here. Only high energy videos, with text and images to highlight key points.

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Our award winning e-learning platform is now available in English, IndonesianThaiVietnamese and Mandarin so teams around the world can benefit from the same cutting-edge methodology.

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The Foundation Of Sales Covered In 5 Thorough Courses

In just a couple hours a day, your staff could be fully trained in cutting-edge sales techniques. The 5 certification courses include over 150 videos, 30 templates and Q&A with instructors.

Success in sales starts with having the right mindset

Staying Motivated

When times get tough, staff need to learn how to be their own coach, and motivate themselves to reach targets.

Winning Mindset

Get the right mindset about your company, your product and yourself.

Getting out of Slumps

Learn how to get out of and avoid slumps.

Dealing with Rejection

Learn to handle rejection with the mindset that 'every no brings you closer to a yes'.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Strong relationships are essential to success in sales.

Building Rapport with Prospects

Learn how to quickly build rapport with prospects to go from being a vendor to becoming a partner.

Developing Lasting Relationships

When strong relationships are nurtured, referrals and repeat business come naturally.

Dealing with Different Personalities

Learn how to deal with difficult customers and communicate with your prospects based on their unique personality.

Increasing Repeat Business

Referrals, testimonials and repeat business are all essential to building a sustainable pipeline

Closing the sale is easy, when every step of the sales process is handled effectively.

Needs Assessments

Create a tailored needs assessment to position yourself as the ideal solution provider

Handling Objections

Don't be afraid of objections, instead learn how to use them to further the sale.

Sales Presentations

A well executed sales presentation starts with a process.

Closing the Sale

Closing the sale comes naturally when every step leading to the close is delivered effectively.

Enhance Learning with Virtual Instructor Led Training

Have a SOCO trainer provide complementing live virtual training for your team

With a blended learning approach, combining both e-learning and Virtual Instructor Led Training, completion rates skyrocket and new content gets practiced and implemented.

E-Learning & VILT is Also Available in 4 Additional Languages

Some Of Our Active Learners

Monitor Completion Rates and Test Results

Monitor completion rates and quiz grades from inside our platform with your own leader login details. This allows you to see where the team might need more help and who needs to be reminded to complete the training.

Leader Guides to Lead the Team Through Interactive Learning

Take our training methodologies offline and practice in person.

Using our optional Leader Guides, team leaders or internal trainers can guide the team through role plays, brainstorming sessions and group discussions to better implement learning.

Want a professional to help implement the learning? Choose the Virtual Training Pack and have a SOCO trainer facilitate the training.

Choose the Plan That's Right For You

(...And your team)

E-Learning Only

$348 per learner
  • 12 Months Access to all 5 Courses
  • Email Support with Instructors
  • 1 Team Leader Account to Monitor Progress with Minimum of 2 Learners

Blended Learning

Live Virtual Training + E-learning
$3500 total
  • 1 Live 90 Minute Virtual Training Session
  • E-Learning Accounts for Up to 10 users
  • Email Support with Instructors
  • 12 Months Access to 5 Courses
  • 1 Team Leader Account to Monitor Progress

Custom Pack

E-learning + Virtual Training for Big Teams
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  • E-Learning Access for Over 10 Staff
  • Live Customised Virtual Training Sessions
  • Team Leader Accounts to Track Progress
  • Email Support with Instructors
  • Leader Guides to Reinforce Learning

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