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Technology sales professionals face a unique set of challenges – they need a deep understanding of the complex products they sell while also possessing the skills to build rapport and trust, to close deals with prospects.

Unfortunately, few sales team members have the right combination of technical knowledge and practical sales know-how to simultaneously do both well. This is why sales training programs designed specifically for technology companies is important.

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What’s included in Technology Sales Specific Training?

When it comes to training IT and SaaS sales professionals, an ideal program would include the following:

  • Preparing for sales meetings and pitches
  • Building rapport with the customer
  • Differentiating from the Competition
  • Using a consultative selling approach
  • How to shorten the sales cycle
  • Getting past gatekeepers to deal with decision-makers
  • Tailoring Your Presentation to the Key Decision Makers
  • Effectively Closing, Upselling and Cross-Selling

SOCO’S Customized IT & SaaS Sales Training Programs | Sales Training For Technology Companies

SOCO/ is an award-winning Sales Training company, and we’ve spent years working with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking technology companies throughout Asia.

Our customized sales training programs focus on helping new and seasoned technology sales professionals to fill in their skill gaps.

We are constantly refining our training programs to meet the changing needs of businesses and reflect on what is happening in the tech industry. Our priority? Ensuring every attendee receives relevant and actionable training that produces tangible results.

Measurable Sales Training For Technology Companies

We want you to feel confident in investing in our corporate training. So we always show you the real value of our training. We utilize pre-and post-assessments for all training attendees to provide measurable proof of knowledge transfer. However, our support doesn’t stop there, unlike other sales training companies. Our post-training equips you with tools to help your staff to reinforce what they have learned.

Don’t take our word for it, though…

“We recently had Tom conducted a virtual external Sales Training Program for our entire commercial organization at Carousell Group for our different brands in 5 countries.

Tom shared great insights on consultative selling and needs analysis to win new customers. He energized and fuelled our sales & trade marketing teams to apply the concepts they learned into their day to day interactions with customers. Throughout the session, all 200+ attendees were fully engaged and inspired to apply the concepts shared into their interactions with clients.

Vishal Salunkhe | Head of Sales Operations & Enablement Carousell

“I had the pleasure of working with Tom to deliver a live webinar to our customers across 3 continents! From the discovery and planning meetings right down to customizing content to meet our objectives and engage our audience, Tom is a pro. He is energetic and has the ability to cut through – so it feels as though you are right there in the room with him. If you are hesitating don’t; we already booked him for a keynote at our next virtual event!”

-Kiera Kramer | Brand and Experiences Marketing for QuickBooks

“I had a great sales training with Tom! I have learned so much especially on the prospecting part. He gave me more motivation in making cold calls and building better relationships with my clients.”

-Mathilde Ramoisy | SaaS Enterprise Business Development at Perx Technologies
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