Sales Training for Technology Companies

Sales Training for Technology Companies

Technology companies have a unique set of challenges to them, they’re in an industry with incredibly fast growth and need sales professionals who both understand their products and services and know how to sell them. Too often both skills aren’t found in the same person. That’s where sales training for technology companies comes in.

With the long sales cycle often associated with tech sales, sales professionals need to have the tools to keep track of their prospects and the skills to continually move the sale down the sales funnel.

They also need the soft skills to build rapport and trust with the customer. We find too many technology sales professionals focus on what their product does and not how it helps the customer. This is after all, the only thing the customer cares about.

When the team is selling a product or service of a high dollar value, every step of the sales process is even more crucial. You don’t want 1 small mistake to ruin a big sale.

After having worked with numerous tech and telecommunications companies across Asia, we have created specific sales training for technology companies. One which trains the balance between product knowledge and customer’s interests. We also focus on how to grow accounts with repeat business and upselling and how to shorten the sales cycle.

Sales Training for Technology Companies

Our complete sales training system doesn’t rely on 1-off in person training. Instead we maximise retention and return on investment by including pre and post training reinforcement tools and tests to confirm knowledge transfer.

A few of the topics we cover in our tech sales system includes:

  • Identifying target markets and lead generation strategies
  • Managing your pipeline
  • Preparing for sales meetings and pitches
  • Building rapport with the customer
  • Using a consultative selling approach to sales
  • How to shorten the sales cycle
  • Getting past gatekeepers to deal with decision makers
  • Negotiating and closing sales
  • Upselling and Cross Selling

As an award winning sales training company, we’ve been building high performance sales teams by blending international methodologies with local knowledge. Ask us for a free assessment of your team.

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Tom Abbott is the author of 'The SOHO Solution' and 'Social Selling'. Sales leaders engage Tom for his proven solutions to building high performance sales teams that exceed targets and for motivational keynotes that energise their audiences.

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