Address Real World Issues With Personalised Support

peak performance Sales team Coaching

Address real world scenarios with personalised support

Coaching your sales team to reach their maximum potential

address pressing issues while ensuring new techniques are implemented

Every salesperson is unique, as is every deal they work on. That’s why by implementing a consistent coaching program, sales teams and individual reps can get the support they need to close the deals in front of them.

SOCO’s Peak Performance Coaching program is designed to coach teams one-on-one or as a group to address real-world scenarios and unique challenges individual sales reps face.

Outcomes of sales team coaching

SOCO’s Peak Performance coaching methodology focuses on helping your team to create action plans, manage the sale process effectively and, most importantly, instil accountability for their deals.

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action plans

We help sales professionals identify the steps needed to progress the sale while creating an action plan to bring deals over the line.

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By instilling ownership of the action plan, we can ensure accountability of the sales process.

reinforce training

Whether you're implementing our coaching program in addition to training or not, our coaching focuses on reinforcing essential sales strategies.

peak performance Sales Coaching

Address real-world scenarios with personalised support


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sales coaching delivery options

The Peak Performance Coaching program by SOCO provides sales coaching to teams, either individually or as a group, to tackle actual situations and distinct obstacles each sales representative faces while instilling new selling behaviours. 

one-on-one coaching

Give individual reps the unique support they need to overcome obstacles and fine-tune areas they need to improve.

group coaching

Group coaching allows reps to learn from their peers and overcome challenges together.

delivered Live virtually

All coaching is delivered live via 50 minute video conferencing sessions and can be booked at a time that suits the individual or team. This means travelling members can still attend no matter where their work takes them.

Take the first step to improving performance

Address real world scenarios with personalised support

The Results of effective Sales Team Coaching

Sales team coaching is the most effective way to consistently improve and maintain performance. The proof is in the numbers. These statistics suggest that sales coaching can be a powerful tool for improving sales performance and achieving greater success. By providing reps with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to perform at their best, our sales coaching methodology can help you to achieve higher quota attainment, win rates, and revenue.

Improved performance icon

Improved performance of core sellers by 19%*

Higher win rates icon

27.9% higher win rates **

Quota Achievement icon

34% Quota achievement***


*Forbes InsightsBrainshark, The Power of Enablement: Bridging the Sales Productivity Gap **CSO Insights 2016 Sales Enablement Study ***The Aberdeen Group

Apply the SOCO sales coaching METHODOLOGY

Address real-world scenarios with personalised support

Take the first step to achieving peak performance

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