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Address real world scenarios with personalized support from a sales coach

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Every salesperson is unique, as is every deal they work on. Sales teams and reps can receive the help they need to close deals through having a reliable coaching program. It can provide the necessary support and guidance for successful sales.

SOCO’s Sales Performance Coaching program helps teams overcome challenges through customized group coaching or one-on-one sessions.

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What is the difference between sales coaching and training?

Sales coaching and training are both ways of helping salespeople improve their skills and performance. However, they are not identical. Sales training is about teaching salespeople the basic knowledge and techniques they need to sell effectively. Effective sales coaching is about helping salespeople apply what they learned in training to their specific situations and challenges.

For example, sales training might teach you how to identify customer pain points, how to cross-sell, and how to close a deal. Sales coaching assists in practicing skills through role-play. It also provides feedback on strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it suggests ways to enhance your approach.

Companies usually do sales training in groups. Group coaching has the same benefits as one-on-one coaching and may even have more benefits. In a group, team members can learn from each other and work together to find solutions.

Sales training does include coaching to some degree, but it focuses more on teaching skills and techniques for specific topics. Sales coaching, on the other hand, allows for more personalized interactions.

Why would your team need Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching from a sales coach is different from sales coaching from a sales leader. A sales coach is a professional who specializes in helping salespeople improve their skills, performance, and mindset. A sales coach can give new ideas, honest feedback, and expert guidance that a sales manager may not offer.

Some of the benefits of enrolling your team for sales coaching are:

  • A sales coach can customize the coaching program to fit your team’s needs and goals. A sales coach can assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses. They can identify gaps and opportunities. Additionally, they can develop a coaching plan tailored to each salesperson’s challenges and goals.
  • A sales coach can provide ongoing support and accountability for your team. A sales coach can monitor your team’s progress, track their results, and adjust the coaching plan as needed. A sales coach can also motivate your team, celebrate their achievements, and hold them accountable for their actions
  • A sales coach can help your team develop a growth mindset and a positive attitude. A sales coach can help your team overcome any limiting beliefs, fears, or doubts that may hinder their performance. Good coaches can also help your team develop a mindset of continuous learning, curiosity, and resilience.

Successful sales coaching by a sales coach can be a good investment for your team. It helps them improve, sell more, and make customers happier.

Signs your team needs A


If you’re not meeting goals or sales are not improving, a sales coach can help you. They can find and overcome the main reasons for your difficulties.

If you’re unsure about your role as a sales manager or CEO, a sales coach can help you. They can assist you in understanding your responsibilities and goals. Additionally, they can help you work together with your sales organization and team.

Sometimes your organization may just lack the resources and tools to help you and your team succeed in your roles. You may need a sales coach to provide you with external and unbiased support and guidance.

Do the statements mentioned above sound familiar? You might need a sales coach to be confident and competent enough to take major deals over the line.


Address real-world scenarios with personalized support from a sales coach

Trophy for being the Award-Winning Training Provider
Best Training and Facilitation Skills

SOCO/ has won awards at the HR Vendors of the Year awards since 2014. These awards include Best Sales Training Provider, Best Digital Learning Provider, and Best Training and Facilitation Skills.

Industry-leading companies choose SOCO Sales Training to train their teams for a few key reasons:

What our clients have to say about US
Chau Tran
Chau Tran
Thanks Mr. Jason and Soco. I had great training days in Malaysia with Mr. Jason 🤘. Great experiences and received good and helpful advice and skills for sales job ! High recommendation for Sales courses
Admissions Manager
Admissions Manager
It was an engaging session with lots of tips that the team was able to use in their daily work. Tom was excellent in connecting with various people within the team and kept them involved in the discussions. Highly recommended.
Fred Fischer
Fred Fischer
The SOCO team facilitated a workshop that exceeded our (already high) expectations. Engagement from our sales team, especially those disgruntled to have been taken out of the field, was phenomenal....I could not have achieved our learning objectives w/o SOCO's assistance. I am looking forward to leveraging your team again soon.
Thank you for sales skills and knowledge sharing. It was a fruitful training. So much fun and Tom encouraged me a lot.
Laura Chong
Laura Chong
Great session with Allen! He was knowledgeable and tailored the session to our needs. Session was engaging as well with the use of roleplays.
Jereme Chong
Jereme Chong
Great training provider, was attentive and ready to assist with any requests. Would definitely use them again for other training needs.
Jason Cabute
Jason Cabute
We had the training sometime in September. We appreciate the great course, and it has helped us to better serve our customers.
Jon Cronin
Jon Cronin
Engaging, thoughtful training with a real insight into the world of sales.
karami omar
karami omar
The virtual learning experience has boosted my confidence level. So many new ideas apart from refreshed ones have been shared. Will definitely share with my partners and team members. Well Done SOCO!


SOCO provides 4-12 weeks of content after the workshop to help reinforce the in-class learning.

Post Training Evaluation

We conduct an in-depth assessment of the learners post training to evaluate what they learnt and how they will implement it.

ROI Maximizer & Next Steps

To ensure you get the most out of the training and your investment we conduct a debrief call to highlight next steps needed and recommendations on how to maximize effectiveness.

sales coaching PROGRAM delivery options

SOCO’s Sales Performance Coaching program provides sales coaching to teams. It focuses on addressing specific challenges faced by sales representatives. Additionally, it promotes the adoption of new sellling techniques.

one-on-one coaching

Give individual reps the unique support they need to overcome obstacles and fine-tune areas they need to improve.

group coaching

Group coaching allows reps to learn from their peers and overcome challenges together.

delivered Live virtually

We provide coaching via 50-minute video conferences. You can schedule it to fit the person or group’s availability. This means travelling members can still attend no matter where their work takes them.

Sales performance Coaching

Address real-world scenarios with personalized support from a sales coach

Outcomes of sales team coaching

SOCO’s coaching method helps teams create action plans, manage sales effectively, and prioritize accountability for their deals.

Action plan icon

action plans

We help salespeople determine the necessary steps to progress with a sale. Additionally, we assist in creating a plan to successfully close deals.

Accountability icon


By instilling ownership of the action plan, we can ensure accountability of the sales process.

reinforce training

Our coaching program strengthens important sales strategies, whether you’re using it alongside training or not.


Take the first step to improving performance

Address real world scenarios with personalized support for your sales team

The Results of effective Sales Team Coaching

Sales team coaching is the most effective way to consistently improve and maintain performance. The proof is in the numbers.

These statistics suggest that sales coaching can be a powerful tool for improving sales performance and achieving greater success. Our sales coaching method moulds reps into top performers by giving them the skills, knowledge, and support they need. This leads to higher quota attainment, win rates, and revenue.

Improved performance icon

Improved performance of core sellers by 19%*

Higher win rates icon

27.9% higher win rates **

Quota Achievement icon

34% Quota achievement***


*Forbes InsightsBrainshark, The Power of Enablement: Bridging the Sales Productivity Gap **CSO Insights 2016 Sales Enablement Study ***The Aberdeen Group


Sales performance coaching is important for your team because it can help them:

Learn from feedback and data

Sales coaching helps teams analyze and understand sales data, like win rates, conversion rates, pipeline speed, and customer happiness. It can also help your team to receive constructive feedback from a sales coach and use it to improve their sales outcomes.

Develop their own selling style and voice

Sales coaching helps teams find and use their strengths, personalities, and values to connect with customers and stand out.

Sales coaching is not a one-time event but is ongoing and needs commitment and consistency from both the manager and the team.

By investing in a sales coach, you can help your team grow, learn, and succeed in the competitive and dynamic sales environment.

Yes, hiring a sales coach can be a valuable investment for your sales team.

An external sales coach brings several advantages:

  • Diverse Experience: External sales coaches have experience coaching different companies and industries, allowing them to share best practices and insights from various sources.
  • Continuous Learning: External coaches are constantly updating their knowledge and techniques, ensuring that they bring fresh and up-to-date strategies to your team.
  • Objective Perspective: External coaches offer an objective view of your team's strengths and weaknesses, providing unbiased feedback and tailored solutions.

As compared to an internal sales coach, these are some of the insights that they may not have. By hiring an external sales coach, you can leverage their expertise to help your sales team perform at their best and stay competitive in the market.

The average cost of Sales Performance Coaching can vary significantly depending on the provider and duration of the training. Companies can expect to pay between $400 to thousands per learner.

Sales Performance Coaching can be conducted live in-person, live-virtually, via e-learning or a combination of methods referred to as 'blended learning'.

Coaching sessions can vary in length to accommodate different needs and what you are seeking to achieve.

They can be conducted in short 90-minute sessions delivered via web conferencing software or can span 1-3 days in person.

This flexibility allows us to cater to your preferences and scheduling constraints, ensuring everyone can receive the coaching they need no matter how busy they are.

A Sales Performance Coaching session can cover various topics and activities, depending on the needs and goals of the salesperson or team.


Some examples are:

  • Creating action plans to progress and close deals
  • Practicing sales skills and techniques, such as cold calling, qualifying, presenting, negotiating, or closing
  • Analyzing and interpreting sales performance data, such as win rates, conversion rates, pipeline velocity, and customer satisfaction
  • Developing a growth mindset and a positive attitude
  • Overcoming specific obstacles and improving specific skills
  • Developing a unique selling style and voice
  • Adapting to different types of buyers and situations

Measuring the ROI of sales coaching involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) before and after the coaching to assess the impact on your business. Examples of some of the KPIs tracked include increased sales revenue, higher closing rates, improved customer satisfaction, and shorter sales cycles.

We are committed to serving clients around the world. Our coaching and training programs have been successfully delivered in various international locations includeing all APAC countries, Europe, Canada, and North America. Regardless of your organization's location, we can work with you to provide high-performance sales training and coaching solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our global reach ensures that businesses in different countries can benefit from our expertise in optimizing B2B sales teams.

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Address real-world scenarios with personalized support

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