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Advanced Sales Training Course

Train reps in advanced sales skills by incorporating challenger sale techniques. This advanced sales course is for experienced sales professionals who are ready to take their skills to the next level by learning how to understand your customer's business, who are the key decision makers and how to use that to position your company as the ideal solution provider. 

This takes the sales representative from being solely an order taker to a respected partner to your customers business who knows how to expertly advance the sale. 

Advanced sales training is for seasoned sales people who need to learn how to assert themselves and push for the sale when necessary. This course is especially important for reps dealing with high level clients so they can command the respect they need to close high-ticket sales.

This workshop will equip participants with knowledge and application skills to: better understand your customer's business, how to come across as an expert, build relationships with key decision makers, how to tailor your presentation and how to take control of the sale.

Sellers will learn the skills needed to shorten sales cycles and increase deal size. Advanced Selling improves reps sales skills taking them to the next level of sales skills.

Through a combination of strong content, highly interactive and industry-specific activities, group discussions, role plays, case studies, engaging videos and Q&A, participants will learn how to prepare for meetings, sell value over price and close more effectively.

Who Should Attend Advanced Sales Training

SOCO's advanced selling course is for seasoned sales professionals who are ready to learn how to assert themselves to effectively take control of a sale, whether they're front-line representatives or sales leaders. 


  • Understanding Your Customer's Business

  • Educating Your Customer to Differentiate

  • Building Relationships with Key Decision Makers

  • Creating Your Partnering Strategy

  • Tailoring Your Presentation

  • Taking Control of the Sale

Included Materials

All participants receive complete Advanced Selling workbooks, post-training reinforcement content and access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support.

Virtual Instructor Led Training

Have SOCO deliver a live, customised Virtual Selling workshop for your team through video conferencing software. Our instructor-led virtual training is highly engaging using cutting edge virtual facilitator techniques that maximise engagement and retention.

Why SOCO Sales Training

SOCO/ Sales Training is a Winner in the Best Sales Training Provider and Best E-Learning and Mobile Learning Provider categories in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong at the HR Vendors of the Year Awards in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Customers include: Ascendas-Singbridge, Crocs, Fuji-Xerox, Maersk, Marina Bay Sands, Millennium Hotels, Prudential, Singtel, Spotify, Swatch Group, Venetian Macao and Zendesk.


advanced selling course Singapore