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stop wasting time on unqualified leads

When leads are qualified properly, your team will stop wasting time on people not likely to buy from you, allowing you to hone in on the ones who are.

SOCO®‘s lead qualification training integrates MEDDIC and MEDDPICC sales qualifying methods, tailoring the training to our clients’ deal size and buying process.

Our sales qualifying training equips teams with the skills to assess and rate their leads while discovering prospects’ decision-making criteria. It enables them to determine the most effective way to handle each lead.

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MEDDIC is a widely used sales qualification framework that stands for:

  • Metrics
  • Economic Buyer
  • Decision Criteria
  • Decision Process
  • Identify Pain Points
  • Champion

It helps sales professionals effectively qualify and prioritize opportunities by assessing various factors contributing to successful sales outcomes.


MEDDIC Sales Training equips sales professionals with a systematic approach to understanding customer needs, qualifying opportunities, and effectively navigating the sales process. By following the MEDDIC framework, salespeople can identify decision-makers, understand the buyer’s decision-making criteria, and better align their solutions to meet the customer’s needs. This ultimately increases their chances of closing deals.


MEDDIC, MEDDICC, and MEDDPICC are all variations of the original MEDDIC methodology. The latter adds more steps to the process that help navigate more complex sales.

At SOCO, we tailor our lead qualification training to your company, the products you sell and the customers you sell to. After a careful understanding of your sales process, we can determine the best methodology for your team to use and, thus, which one we incorporate into the training.

This thorough approach ensures that your sales qualification process is only as complex and in-depth as it needs to be.

MEDDIC stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision criteria, Decision process, Identified pain, and Champion.

MEDDICC stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision criteria, Decision process, Identified pain, Champion and Competition.

The extra ‘C’ stands for ‘Competition.’

MEDDPICC stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision criteria, Decision process, Paper Process, Identified pain, Champion and Competition.

The extra ‘P’ stands for ‘Paper Process.’

Implement the MEDDpICc Sales Process

Your Pathway to Qualification Excellence

Signs that your team needs to learn how to qualify

MEDDIC Sales Training Discussing Sales Qualifying Methods Collin Stewart

Discussing BANT & MEDDIC Sales Methodologies

Are you effectively qualifying your leads?

Tom Abbott, the CEO & Co-founder of SOCO/ Sales Training, met with Collin Stewart from Predictable Revenue to discuss different lead qualification processes and methods, including BANT, MEDDIC, and other variations.

When leads are qualified properly, less time is wasted on people not likely to buy from you, so you can hone in on those who are. This is why sales-qualifying methodologies are imperative to your strategy.


Why the MEDDIC Sales Qualification Approach?

MEDDIC, MEDDPICC and similar methodologies are widely embraced in sales qualification. They help representatives to learn all the information needed to make sure the lead is worth pursuing. This ensures that they are selling to the right person within the company.

Proper qualifications will give a much better understanding of the buyer’s persona and buying process. They will be able to do sales forecasting with improved accuracy. 

Here are the benefits to having your team use MEDDIC to qualify sales leads.

less time wasted on 'bad leads'

Qualifying leads involves rating them against pre-determined criteria to ensure they’re a good fit for your solution. This way, sales professionals can save time by focusing on people likely to do business with them. They can direct their efforts to the people who should be purchasing your solution.

only sell to decision-makers

Many sales professionals sell to people who can say “no” but don’t have the authority to say “yes.” To maximize conversions, sales professionals need to find out who all of the decision-makers are so that they can address the needs of the paying customer.

understand prospect's Decision making Criteria & process

By figuring out the factors your prospect uses when making a buying decision, you can decide if your company can fulfill their requirements. This will also enable your team to create a sales presentation addressing their buying needs.

establish an internal Champion

Having an internal champion within the organization is crucial when dealing with large, complex deals. They will be the ones to actively work towards the company’s adoption of your product or service. Establishing an internal champion is an important part of the MEDDIC sales qualification process.


During MEDDIC lead qualification training, the reps will learn how to execute each of these steps. As a result, your company will have a consistent and structured way to determine whether a lead is a good fit. They will also gain valuable insights about the company that will help your team sell to them more effectively. 


Learn the Global Sales Qualification Methodologies Applicable for Any Enterprise Sales Process

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SOCO provides 4-12 weeks of content after the workshop to help reinforce the in-class learning.

Post Training Evaluation

We conduct an in-depth assessment of the learners post training to evaluate what they learnt and how they will implement it.

ROI Maximizer & Next Steps

To ensure you get the most out of the training and your investment we conduct a debrief call to highlight next steps needed and recommendations on how to maximize effectiveness.

MEDDIC qualification TRAINING

Course Outline


SOCO®‘s MEDDIC Lead Qualification Training is for sales teams responsible for identifying, qualifying and acquiring high-quality leads. In particular, it focuses on how to consistently determine whether a lead is the right customer for your company. At the same time, they’ll learn how to skillfully gain valuable knowledge about the company, enabling teams to sell more effectively.

In this program, attendees will learn how to apply these skills by learning through a blend of strong content, interactive and industry-specific exercises, group discussions, role-plays, case studies, videos and Q&As.


1/2 to 1 Day or Multiple VILT Sessions

For who

Sales Professionals


In Person Workshop or
Virtual Instructor-Led Training 


Learn the Elements of MEDDIC and Transform Your Sales Process



MEDDIC and MEDDPICC were created by Jack Napoli, a highly respected sales executive and entrepreneur.

Jack Napoli's expertise and experience in the sales domain led to the development of these methodologies, which have become widely recognized and adopted in the sales industry.

MEDDIC is an acronym that represents a set of criteria used in sales qualification. The steps in MEDDIC sales are as follows:

  1. Metrics: Understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics that matter most to the prospect and align them with your solution.
  2. Economic Buyer: Identify and engage with the person who has the ultimate authority to make purchasing decisions.
  3. Decision Criteria: Clearly define and comprehend the criteria that the prospect will use to make a decision. This involves understanding their specific needs and challenges.
  4. Decision Process: Gain insight into the steps and timeline of the prospect's decision-making process. Understand the stages they go through, from considering a solution to making a purchase.
  5. Identify Pain: Uncover the prospect's pain points and challenges. This involves understanding the problems they are trying to solve or the opportunities they seek.
  6. Champion: Identify and build a relationship with an internal champion within the prospect's organization who supports your solution.

These steps in MEDDIC are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the prospect's situation, needs, and decision-making process, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of the sales effort.

For more information on the MEDDIC sales framework, you can explore our article here.

MEDDIC sales training is important for your team because it provides a structured and systematic approach to qualifying and closing deals.

By following the MEDDIC methodology, your team will be able to thoroughly understand the needs and pain points of potential customers, identify the key decision-makers, and effectively navigate the decision-making process.

This training can help your team improve their sales effectiveness, increase conversion rates, and ultimately drive revenue growth for your business.

Yes, hiring a sales trainer can be a valuable investment for your sales team.

An external sales trainer brings several advantages:

  • Diverse Experience: External trainers have experience training different companies and industries, allowing them to share best practices and insights from various sources.
  • Continuous Learning: External trainers are constantly updating their knowledge and techniques, ensuring that they bring fresh and up-to-date strategies to your team.
  • Objective Perspective: External trainers offer an objective view of your team's strengths and weaknesses, providing unbiased feedback and tailored training solutions.

As compared to an internal trainer, these are some of the insights that they may not have. By hiring an external sales trainer, you can leverage their expertise to help your sales team perform at their best and stay competitive in the market.

The average cost of MEDDIC sales training can vary significantly depending on the provider and duration of the training. Companies can expect to pay between $500 to thousands per learner. 

MEDDIC Sales training can be delivered live in-person, live-virtually, via e-learning or a combination of methods referred to as 'blended learning'.

Training sessions can vary in length to accommodate different needs. They can be delivered as short 90-minute sessions delivered via web conferencing software or can span 1-3 days in person.

This flexibility allows us to cater to your preferences and scheduling constraints, ensuring everyone can receive the training they need no matter how busy they are. 

In our comprehensive MEDDIC sales training sessions, we delve deep into key aspects essential for sales success. Your team can expect to master the following

Uncover Decision-Making Criteria: Learn how to identify important buyer decision-making factors that seal the deal.

Sell to People Most Likely to Buy: Sharpen your focus on targeting and talking to the right prospects most inclined to convert.

Determine Decision Makers: Figure out who's who in the decision-making process – it's a game-changer.

Establish an Internal Champion: Find out how to cultivate internal champions within a company who can help propel your sales initiatives forward.

Create Accurate Sales Forecasting: Hone the ability to forecast sales accurately, using what you learn from the MEDDIC playbook.

Our MEDDIC training is designed to equip your team with practical skills and knowledge, empowering them to navigate and excel in intricate sales landscapes.

MEDDPICC and MEDDIC are both sales qualification frameworks, but they have slight differences in their approach.

MEDDIC stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and Champion. It focuses on understanding the buyer's pain points, their decision-making process, and identifying a champion within the organization.

On the other hand, MEDDPICC includes Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Paper Process, Identify Pain, Champion, and Competition.

The addition of the Paper Process in MEDDPICC emphasizes understanding the steps and paperwork involved in the buyer's decision-making process. It also includes analyzing the competition faced by the salesperson.

While both frameworks share common elements, MEDDPICC adds a focus on the paper process and competition analysis.

Measuring the ROI of sales training involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) before and after the training to assess the impact on your business. Examples of some of the KPIs tracked include increased sales revenue, higher closing rates, improved customer satisfaction, and shorter sales cycles.

We are committed to serving clients around the world. Our training programs have been successfully delivered in various international locations, including all APAC countries, Europe, Canada, and North America. Regardless of your organization's location, we can work with you to provide high-performance sales training solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our global reach ensures that businesses in different countries can benefit from our expertise in optimizing B2B sales teams.



All participants receive complete MEDDIC Qualifying Training workbooks, post-training reinforcement content and access to our exclusive community Facebook group for ongoing support.

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