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Maximize your growth and potential with one of the Philippine’s leading sales training course providers. Our award-winning, customized training develops your sales team into high-performing sales experts to help launch your company to the next level. The SOCO methodology includes our suite of solutions and products designed to quickly and efficiently train sales staff with minimal downtime.


We believe in creating solution-focused, goal-oriented sales specialists who take pride in their profession. Our exclusive SOCO/ Selling methodology includes our seven pillars of selling and our top-to-bottom sales funnel methodology. Every sales team begins the program by being evaluated with pre-training assessments, which allows us to build a custom training experience. This approach ensures our program provides the most effective results for your company. 

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Since 2014, SOCO/ has won awards at the Human Resources Magazine HR Vendors of the year awards including Best Sales Training Provider, Best Digital Learning Provider, and Best Training and Facilitation Skills categories.

We combine local market knowledge with international standards to create a system that exceeds the rest. 

Our highly personalized and customizable sales training develops your team into high-performing sales experts who will launch your company to the next level of success. The SOCO/ methodology includes a suite of solutions and products specifically designed to train sales staff with minimal downtime.

Maximize results with soco

Equip your team with cutting-edge skills and strategies today. 

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MaximiZe Results with SOCO

Whether you’re looking for a sales seminar for 1 person or a whole team, SOCO/ Sales Training can help. Through interactive training, your sales team will master the sales funnel from top to bottom, as well as learn our seven pillars of SOCO selling.

Every seminar is customized to ensure each sales teams gains industry and company-specific knowledge and expertise. Pre-seminar assessments allow us to identify precisely what topics will help your team and maximize results. We also provide both pre-training learning and post-training assessments and follow-up resources.

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Customized Results Based Training
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New and seasoned sales professionals and sales managers will all benefit from training using the SOCO® Selling™ methodology. Our interactive training style allows new sales reps to learn from not only the experienced trainer but also their seniors. Sales reps who have been selling for many years can fine tune their craft and learn new skills as the sales profession is always evolving and SOCO Sales Training is always at the cutting-edge of modern sales techniques. Sales is a skill that needs to be sharpened regularly to ensure maximum results.

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deliverS lasting results
SOCO’s complete training system ensures that you and your team will outlast short-term goals by developing long-term selling behaviours.
The SOCO® Selling™ methodology is implemented by multitudes of industry-leading companies in Manila and across the Philippines. Including PayMaya, Globe, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) , Del Monte and Millennium Hotels just to name a few.
Whether you have a sales team of one or one thousand, our program is designed to get your sales staff trained quickly and efficiently. 


SOCO® Selling™ Academy

Our award-winning e-learning platform SOCO Academy is a vast library of on-demand sales skills training videos. Companies across the Philippines use our e-learning platform to onboard sales staff, reinforce learning between sessions and allow staff to learn new skills in their own time.

7 PILLARs of soco selling

SOCO’s sales training in the Philippines encompasses the seven pillars of SOCO/ Selling. Companies can pick and choose topics based on the team’s pressing needs with the help of one of our program advisors. The basis of SOCO® Selling™ is founded on these seven pillars:

Maximize results with soco

Equip your team with cutting-edge skills and strategies today. 

[SOCO]’s TRAINING on how to effectively sell and continue to build relationships in a remote setting provided the confidence we needed. [SOCO] did not just talk about the practical tips, he demonstrated these, through the tone of his voice, his gestures, well-curated background, and good lighting. He was able to keep the participants engaged throughout the whole 90 minutes.
Learning and Capability Development Head
Del Monte Philippines
in-person or virtual training - the choice is yours
Our complete SOCO® Selling™ methodology is available live in-person, live virtually (VILT) and on-demand in our e-learning platform SOCO Academy. With everything going on globally, many of our clients are choosing to train their teams in our award-winning system either entirely virtually or using a blended learning approach. 
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