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Selling in Asia PodcastSelling in Asia is a podcast produced by SOCO Sales Training and hosted by SOCO’S founder Tom Abbott. In the weekly episodes Tom interviews thought leaders, sales professionals, sales leaders and founders making a difference to the bottom line of companies across Asia and the world. Mixed in with the interviews are short rants and teachings by Tom as he travels around the world helping companies increase sales.Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a sales professional or a sales leader you’ll discover actionable strategies that can be applied right away. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on future recordings.
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I work with organisation all the time with decent size sales teams that don’t use a sales playbook. They have superstar sales reps who out perform the others, while some continue to struggle and no one really knows why some perform better than others. The new hires they add to the team are left to […]

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get more clients is to ask your existing ones for referrals. It’s easy, yet most people don’t do this one easy step which is just asking. Today I want you to think about who can you ask for a referral. If you ask 5 people today, I […]

Small business owners play a lot of different roles inside their companies and being the salesperson is one of them. When speaking to entrepreneurs I hear common misconceptions from them around sales. These ‘myths’ are holding them back from success with their company so in this week’s podcast I debunk the common small business sales […]

Networking Tips with Kerrie Phipps Connect with people anytime and anywhere. In this episode, Kerrie Phipps share with us some networking tips to helps sales professional connect online and offline. Do talk to strangers. Kerrie Phipps. She is an author of the book, Do Talk To Strangers, despite our parents told us. It’s important to […]

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