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Learn from the world’s best founders, sales leaders and business people about what it takes to succeed at your selling product, service or dream in Asia. In the weekly episodes Tom Abbott founder of SOCO Sales Training interviews exceptional people making a difference to the bottom line of companies across Asia and the world. Mixed in with the interviews are short rants and teachings by Tom as he travels the world helping companies increase sales. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a sales professional or a sales leader, you’ll discover actionable strategies that can be applied right away.

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Digital Networking - Build Connections

Digital Networking – Build Connections Online

This episode is taken from a webinar delivered by one of our trainers, Huan Song, for a group of sales professionals. Digital networking is more important today than ever before with physical distancing in full effect. In this episode, Huan Song will share how you can get started at networking online. In this episode we

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Managing Teams While They're Working From Home

Managing Teams While They’re Working From Home

Almost all teams worldwide are now working from home. However, while there are many perks like more time with the family and less time wasted commuting, many leaders and companies are scrambling to adapt to managing this new situation.  In this episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, Tom Abbott discusses how to keep staff productive

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What Everyone Needs To Hear Right Now Podcast

What Everyone Needs To Hear Right Now

I know many of you out there are struggling, feeling down and unmotivated. Things aren’t easy now, but it will get better. The thing is, waiting for things to get better is not the answer, here’s what is. Learn how to stay motivated in tough times with SOCO Academy’s Attitude Advantage course. Take care guys!

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how to start selling on linkedin

How To Start Selling On LinkedIn

In this episode of the Selling in Asia podcast, Tom sits down with Geana Barbosa, the Head of New Business Asia at LinkedIn Sales Solutions. Join them as they discuss how to start selling on LinkedIn, how sales professionals can navigate the ever-evolving sales landscape with LinkedIn, as well as practical tips for creating, building

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How To Deal With Low Budget Customers

How To Deal With Low Budget Customers

What do you do when your customer has a budget of only $2,000 – or they say they only have a budget of $2,000 – and your product sells for $2,500. They hit you with the dreaded price objection; What would you do? Do you drop the price to $500 to match their budget and

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Why You Don't Need Passion To Sell

Why You Don’t Need Passion To Sell

I recently spoke at a regional sales meeting in Cambodia for a multi-national company, a no.2 company in their industry. With team members gathered from across Asia, I shared with them what it takes to get to the top. Sure passion is good, but there’s a better alternative to passion. In this episode, I discusse

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