Using Social Selling to Generate Leads in this Digital Only Era

I had a chat with my friend Natalia Wiechowski recently on a LinkedIn live to talk about how Social Selling is more important now than ever before and how to use it to sell during this COVID era of limited in-person selling. Enjoy the episode and make sure to join me on LinkedIn to join future discussions live.

Here’s the link to the Social Selling Cheatsheet I mention in the episode.

In this episode, I share:

  • What exactly is social selling
  • How to get started in social selling especially as a company or one-person show
  • The differences between LinkedIn articles and LinkedIn posts
  • How to drive engagement to the website
  • How to generate leads and convert into sales using social media
  • If social selling works on physical products like heavy equipment, oil or trucks
  • Why it is important to approach social selling from an onmi-channel approach

If you want to go deep into implementing Social Selling, we have a brand new social selling course coming out shortly on our e-learning platform SOCO Academy

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Tom Abbott
Tom Abbott is the author of 'The SOHO Solution' and 'Social Selling' and the creator of the online sales training platform SOCO Academy. Sales leaders engage Tom for his proven solutions to building high performance sales teams that exceed targets and for motivational keynotes that energise their audiences.

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