SOCO/ Sales Training is an award-winning sales optimisation company that helps build high-performance B2B and B2C sales teams in organisations across Asia and around the world. Our motto is that no salesperson should lose a sale because they can’t sell. Instead, salespeople need to be given all of the skills, tools and techniques to maximise sales results.  
SOCO has spent decades developing, fine tuning and implementing our results-based training for innovative companies that want a more modern and effective approach to selling. 
SOCO’s core value is that we don’t believe in one-off sales training. Instead, to maximise results, training needs to incorporate a complete system so new skills get practiced, implemented and mastered. Our expansive suite of solutions are designed to train sales teams effectively with minimal downtime so sales professionals can quickly get back to doing what they love – closing deals
Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott, the CEO of SOCO Sales Training, a top sales training vendor in Asia, is an international sales expert, keynote speaker and author of ’The SOHO Solution’ and ‘Social Selling‘. He is also the host of the Selling in Asia Podcast and the architect of the e-learning platform SOCO Academy.

Tom’s passion to help sales professionals and companies achieve their goals is what fuelled him to start SOCO over 20 years ago.

What started as a small company in Vancouver, Canada has grown to a leading sales training company helping 10s of thousands of sales professionals across Asia and the world every year. 

TrainerS & COACHES

SOCO Certified Sales Trainers Across Asia

We recently had [SOCO] conduct a virtual external sales training program for our entire commercial organization at carousell group for our different brands in 5 countries. [SOCO] energized and fuelled our sales teams to apply the concepts learned
vishal salunkhe
head of sales operations & enablement at carousell
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