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Our highly personalised and customisable sales training develops your team into high-performing sales experts who will launch your company to the next level of success. 

The SOCO/ methodology includes a suite of solutions and products specifically designed to train sales staff with minimal downtime quickly.

Sales Training in Vietnam for Local Teams

As training experts, our goal is to keep training interactive, customised to your industry and relevant to the local market. We can achieve through over ten years of sales training experience for teams in Vietnam and Asia.

Sales Training in Vietnam for a Global Team

When bringing a diverse team together, it’s essential to tap into their collective resources and have them share their knowledge with their counterparts in other regions. Maybe there’s something the China team is doing well that the Thailand team can learn from and vice versa. Collaboration and sharing make the difference between a boring talk and a sales training session in Vietnam that is both fun and memorable. Memorable being key to inspiring long term results.

Award-Winning Sales Training Provider
Combining Local Knowledge & a Global Perspective

Our regional experience training sales teams across Vietnam and Asia using our proprietary methodology have been recognised by top HR executives awarded Best Sales Training Provider in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong by Human Resources Magazine.

We pride ourselves on delivering training that doesn’t just start and end during the workshop. We incorporate pre and post-learning and quizzes to test knowledge and retention. Our complete sales training system is designed to maximise results and return on investment.

Maximise Results with SOCO
It’s a shocking fact that many sales teams have never gone through any formal sales training. Yet, the revenue of the company relies on them. Without proper training and a standard sales structure, teams are left to trial and error to figure out what works. Leaving some team members to excel while others are left struggling.
By implementing our world-class sales system, team members help each other achieve their goals, implement best practices, and most importantly, increase closing ratios. 
Customised, Results Based Training

At SOCO/, we don’t believe in 1-off training, which is why we recommend a complete system. All of our sales training programs include:

who our Sales Training programs are for

Sales professionals from new to seasoned and even sales managers will benefit from training using the SOCO/ Selling methodology. Our interactive training style allows new sales reps to learn from the experienced trainer and their seniors. Sales reps who have been selling for many years can fine-tune their craft and learn new skills as the sales profession is always evolving.

SOCO/ Sales Training is always at the cutting-edge of modern sales techniques. Sales is a skill that needs to be sharpened regularly to ensure maximum results.

deliverS lasting results

SOCO’s complete training system ensures that you and your team will outlast short-term goals by developing long-term selling behaviours. 

The SOCO/ Selling methodology has been implemented by various industry-leading companies across Vietnam, Asia and the world. Companies such as UOB, SingTel, Spotify, ZenDesk, Millennium Hotels, and Maersk are just a few. 

Whether you have a sales team of one or one thousand, our program is designed to get your sales staff trained quickly and efficiently. 

Learn today and implement tomorrow.

SOCO Selling Academy

Our award-winning e-learning platform SOCO Academy is a vast library of on-demand sales skills training videos. All of which is available in 5 different languages, including English, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and Mandarin. Companies worldwide use our e-learning platform to onboard sales staff, reinforce learning between sessions and allow staff to learn new skills in their own time.

7 PILLARs of soco selling

Our complete sales training system encompasses the seven pillars of SOCO/ Selling. Companies can pick and choose topics based on the pressing needs of the team with the help of one of our program advisors. The basis of SOCO Selling is founded on these seven pillars:

sharing our outstanding experience! the program was interactive and energising and we're looking forward to the follow up component to ensure the results of the training are not 'left in the classroom'.
catherine white
director of sales operations, venetian Resorts
Managing Director
Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott is an international sales expert, trainer, coach, keynote speaker and author of ’The SOHO Solution’, and ‘Social Selling’. Tom delivers keynotes and programmes throughout Asia Pacific to market leaders who want to make a difference in their organisation. Past clients include Ascendas-Singbridge, Maersk, Marina Bay Sands, Millennium Hotels, Prudential, Singtel, Spotify, Swatch Group, United Overseas Bank and Zendesk.

Sales leaders engage Tom for his proven solutions to building high performance sales teams that exceed targets, or looking for sales keynotes that will energise their audience.


With over ten years in sales, marketing and operations management and a passion for training, Nhan Nguyen has delivered sales management and operations optimization services to middle/ senior managers at multinational companies across Southeast Asia.

Nhan has recently restructured the commercial function for a foreign-invested company in Vietnam. She set up the whole commercial process and training plan including B2C / B2B sales, telesales, digital marketing and direct marketing channels.

in-person or virtual training - the choice is yours

Our complete SOCO Selling methodology is available live in-person, live virtually (VILT) and on-demand in our e-learning platform SOCO Academy. With everything going on globally, many of our clients are choosing to train their teams in our award-winning system either entirely virtually or using a blended learning approach. 


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