Negotiation SKILLS Training

Master the art of negotiating business deals to maximise profit and win rates

Profit, relationships and deals are won or lost during the negotiation process. When negotiators arrive armed with the tools and skills needed to negotiate effectively, desired outcomes are optimised and loss of profit is avoided.

The thing is, when it comes to negotiations, profits and closed deals aren’t the only desired outcome. 

Preservation of the relationship is also crucial to ensure long term business opportunities and negative feelings aren’t harboured.

So it’s imperative that sales professionals, procurement departments and business leaders learn how to navigate negotiations in a way that not only results in a positive outcome for both parties, but also inspires future business.

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Negotiation TRAINING
Course Outline

SOCO’s Negotiations Skills Mastery course equips participants with the application skills to understand what’s most important to counterparts, prepare and present powerful offers and overcome difficult conversations to avoid losing deals.

Participants learn through a combination of strong content with highly interactive and industry-specific activities. Including individual participation, group discussions, role-play with video analysis, case studies, and Q&A’s.

Participants will leave our training knowing precisely how to prepare for a negotiation, develop viable alternatives and confidently negotiate “win-win” agreements. 

Confidence In Negotiations

Being fully prepared is vital to enter any negotiation. Therefore we train every participant to feel more confident by learning how to relieve tension beforehand and arrive armed with cutting-edge concepts and valuable skills to aid their work.

Assess the Situation

Before negotiations start, sales professionals must assess the situation. Therefore, participants learn that to have the foundations in place before undertaking any negotiation, understanding hostile negotiators can take advantage of those unprepared. 

Hence, we start negotiations training by finding out what’s most important to your counterpart and how to prepare your offer and alternatives. Furthermore, participants can expect to study and understand elements such as: 

  • establishing common ground.
  • learning how to deal with personal attacks.
  • understanding the importance of emotional intelligence. 
Discover Opportunities

Trust is central to a successful negotiation, but this has to be built as with all relationships. Therefore, we equip learners with various rapport-building techniques such as understanding body language, dynamic listening, and effective questioning. By doing this, learners will foster a sense of mutual gain with their prospect by finding out what they can offer and where common interests overlap. Resulting in more opportunities for growth, revenue and collaboration. 

Overcome Challenges

Not all negotiations go smoothly. That’s why we equip learners with the skills to successfully get past stand-offs, handle difficult conversations, and even uncover hidden agendas that might affect the negotiation. In addition, learners will understand that not every negotiator will arrive with the same principles and will be able to deal with underhand or misleading parties. 

Achieve Desired Outcome

Once the situation has been fully assessed, trust is built, and discussions have been successful, it’s time to present your offer. We cover ways to present your solution and create a desirable outcome. Learners now undertake the final phase of the negotiation – closing. 

Only after the situation is assessed, trust is built, and discussions have been successful is it time to present your offer. Therefore, participants learn ways to present their solution and create a desirable outcome for both parties. 

To achieve the ideal negotiation outcomes, participants learn how to translate generalities into specifics, understand both parties’ ideas of what a consensus is, and set the terms of an agreement effectively. 

Who Should Attend negotiation training

This negotiation course is designed for anyone in sales, procurement or leadership where negotiating with prospects, customers or partners is an important part of what they do – or should be doing.


1-3 Day In-person Training
Multiple 90 Minute VILT Sessions

For who

Sales Professionals, Procurement Departments, Business Leaders


Live Workshop, E-Learning Or
Virtual Instructor-Led Training  (VILT)

in-person, e-learning or
virtual instructor led

Our negotiation training is designed to get your staff the negotiation skills they need whether they’re working from the same office, from home or dispersed around the country or world, which is why our negotiation course is available live in-person when the the situation allows, virtual instructor led training (VILT), through on-demand e-learning, or using a blended learning approach that incorporates both live and virtual training. 

Book a call with one of our program advisors who will be happy to put together the ideal training program for your team based on their unique needs and situation.


All participants receive a complete Negotiation Skills training workbooks, post-training reinforcement content and access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support.

business Negotiations Online COURSE

Learn how to negotiate deals from anywhere, any time with our on-demand e-learning courses. 


Learn how to prepare for meetings, sell alternatives to low price and negotiate “win- win” agreements

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