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The Challenger Sale book was first published less than a decade ago, quickly becoming the hot topic of discussion across the industry due it’s position as ‘Anti Solution Selling’ – a methodology adopted by organisations around the world. In the book, authors Mathew Dixon and Brent Adamson argue that relationship-building is no longer the best […]

Communication and effective body language are crucial skills we use in every area of our lives, so human interaction is essential for creating and maintaining relationships. So it’s obvious that the way you use body language to communicate will directly influence the outcome of your negotiation. The importance of Body Language in negotiations is that […]

Whether you’re aspiring to expand into a new sales position and are wondering what are the different roles available and the skills needed for each, or you’re trying to plan and recruit a sales team, or even if you want to brush up on current sales industry knowledge – regardless of your intention, you’re in […]

Sales negotiation skills aren’t something you’re born with. They’re learnt, practiced and fine tuned until you become an effective and tactful negotiator. Negotiations are often the most daunting aspect of the sales process for any Sales Representative, even experienced Sales Managers still get last-minute jitters. But by mastering these 10 essential negotiation skills, you’ll be […]

In this chat I had with Spencer Waldron from Prezi Video we talk about what it takes to make your virtual presentations memorable. 4 Elements to Influence What Gets Remembered in a Presentation When you give a presentation, people are not going to retain everything that you say. And what most of us do is […]

We are looking for a highly organised and personable person to join the team in the role of Customer Success. This is a part-time position in Singapore with the ideal person working from home for the foreseable future. Your duties will include: Managing clients and training jobs Basic admin Customer support Required skills: Friendly Organised […]

Attitude and mindset go a long way when building a high-performing team. When the attitude and potential are there… but the results aren’t YET… train them, teach them, mentor them. If the right attitude isn’t there… you know what to do… Here’s an excerpt from the Q&A of a virtual keynote I did recently. An […]