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The world of sales can prove challenging and at times, intimidating. It’s little wonder that many salespeople find themselves approaching the close of a sale with an almost apologetic attitude. There’s a difference between using a soft close and simply giving the customer an easy out. Fortunately, there’s a simple yet powerful technique that can […]

Let’s face it, large events with gatherings of hundreds or thousands of people that I typically speak at aren’t happening right now, especially not in Asia. But you know what, we’re doing fine. It’s times like this that our e-learning platform SOCO Academy booms and our online coaching and training overtake our in-person engagements. With […]

Some crazy things are happening in Asia right now with the virus going around. Travel has dropped drastically, people are avoiding going out as much and projects are being postponed. In this episode, we discuss how to make full use of this downtime at home. Try SOCO Academy to capitalise on your downtime by taking […]

With the recent upgrade from DORSCON Yellow to DORSCON Orange on 7 February 2020 in Singapore, some companies have been left wondering what they should do about their large-scale events. In a letter published by Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore on 15 February 2020, MTI advises on the following: Businesses should maintain normalcy, as long […]

Here are five reasons you can’t close the sale: Wrong Mindset Your attitude. You didn’t have the right mindset to close that deal. You walked in to that meeting, you weren’t confident, you weren’t prepared,  you weren’t ready, you didn’t have a belief in your product. You just didn’t have the right attitude. Insufficient Qualification […]