Sales Methodology

The different sales methodologies out there and how they compare

You have a lead, but are they a good fit for your product or service? Are you even talking to the right person to be able to make a sale? This is where the BANT sales methodology comes in. What does BANT mean in sales? BANT is a sales qualifying methodology used to determine the […]

Ask ten salespeople to define the term ‘inside sales’, and you’ll most likely get ten different answers. It is one of those terms whose definition tends to change slightly depending on who is using it. Although it’s next to impossible to pin down an exact definition which everyone can agree with, there are several broad […]

One of the most well known sales methodologies in the world is the SPIN Selling framework. It’s been around for over 30 years but it’s still being used by many organisations. Here’s an overview of SPIN Selling and what parts of it are still relevant today. Also Read: Using the MEDDIC Approach to Qualify Prospects […]

The book, The Challenger Sale, was first published less than a decade ago and quickly became the topic of discussion because of its positioning as anti solution selling – a methodology vastly adopted by organisation around the world. Also Read: Using the Agile Sales Methodology to Manage Teams Solution Selling – The Four Essential Steps of […]

The way people are buying, the people who are doing the selling and the typical sales process are all changing. With these changes, some sales managers have been adopting the Agile sales methodology. While this particular methodology is not an entirely new approach to management, it’s rather a recent import into the world of sales.   Also Read: […]