Differences Between Hunters and Farmers in Sales Explained

hunter vs farmer sales reps

Sales reps are usually either identified as hunters or farmers, dependent on their type of sales personality. To successfully implement this sales methodology with your team, you must familiarize yourself with each role’s necessary traits. That way, you can hire well for each position and coach sales reps accordingly. Discover a quick guide to the critical distinctions within the Hunters and Farmers Model below and uncover what type of reps are on your sales team.

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What is the Hunter and Farmer sales model?

The Hunters and Farmers Model helps guide sales leaders in developing each representative’s inherent strengths to gain the team’s shared ideal outcome. For instance, most organizations’ structure requires a group of Hunters. The Hunters’ responsibility is to find leads. Conversely, a team of Farmer’s responsibility is to nurture existing clients, compel prospects, and inspire long-term business.

The Hunter Sales Model

Hunters particularly flourish in the roles of Account Executive, Field Sales, and Business Development. So it’s no surprise they relish the challenge and have thick skin to handle all of the rejection they are likely to face.

Unwaveringly hungry, eager, not afraid of rejection, and doesn’t need convincing to sell more. The role of the hunter versus farmer is one of the most demanding positions in sales.

Hunter Sales Personality

Hunters Vs. Farmers Sales Model
  1. Persistent: Has your candidate called you to ensure you received their resume? Do they call to follow up after the interview? These are critical traits that you would expect a Sales Hunter to express during the interview process! Skip the ones who don’t call you back or have the courage to ask tough questions in the interview – chances are they’ll treat your prospective customers the same way.

2. Commission hungry: Hunters are motivated by commission. So always ask your candidate how much money they want to make. If they answer that they want a really high base, show them the door! If they strive to be a million-dollar salesperson, they won’t care about the base because they’re focused on the commission. Give them unlimited earning potential!

3. Conversationalists: Your Hunter candidate should be an expert in building rapport, as they’re required to build rapport within seconds, relative to the time, they’ll have on calls and appointments. They need to exude confidence and exhibit positive body language because you need someone confident and outgoing to hunt for business.

The Farmer Sales Model

3 Steps To Hiring And Finding A Farmer Sales Rep

The Hunters Vs. Farmers Model dictates that whilst Hunters find new business, Farmers cultivate customer loyalty. Usually found in customer-centric roles such as Account Manager, Customer Service, and Inside Sales.

Farmer Sales Personality

  1. Friendly: Although a hunter will call a potential employer and follow up, a farmer is unlikely to make a peep. Instead, look for how they build rapport. Are they engaging you on the phone? Do they have a bright smile in person? Do they know how to come across as being friendly in email? All of these are skills essential to cultivating lasting relationships.

2. Rapport-centric: The best Farmers are true friends to their customers. They connect with them on social media and might even meet outside of work. Farmers should rapport centric, the type of person that everyone loves. This relationship will ensure they are always top of mind with customers.

3. Relationship-builders: To like someone enough to buy from them once is one thing; to like and trust someone so much that you always look to them to provide solutions to your problems is another. When the trust and relationship are there, not only is repeat business naturally, referrals come easily. This is why Farmers are experts in building and maintaining long-term relationships.

Deliberations: Is it better to be a hunter or farmer in sales?

Building relationships is critical, but sales are what keep the business running. Farmers need direction on how to ask for the sale. Remind them to ask for referrals and the importance of their role in bringing in repeat business.

Hunters Vs. Farmers Sales Model

However, Hunter’s persistent personality is what makes them great – You can step aside and trust them to bring in the sales! Hunters are no strangers to risk, so they’ll often settle for lower base wages in favour of higher commission rates.

On the other hand, Farmers are typically happy with lower compensation rates in exchange for a stable income.

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