Good vs Bad Salesperson

Not all salespeople have the qualities it takes to become a top performer. There are certain traits which separate the top performers from the bottom. Here’s your cheat sheet to the qualities of a good versus bad salesperson.

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Traits of a Good Salesperson

Here are the qualities the top performing salespeople possess.

Qualities of a Good Listener

If you want your potential customer to pay attention to what you say, you have to be willing to listen to him first. That doesn’t mean just giving your prospect a time to speak, but actively listening to what they have to say. 

Asks Questions

When you ask questions, you not only show you are interested in someone’s else’s needs, but you discover ways you can customize your sales pitch to show how your product or service can meet those needs.


Be confident not only in yourself but in the solution you are selling. Showing confidence in what you are selling positively influences the potential customer’s perception.

Qualities of being Friendly

As the saying goes: you can catch more clients with honey than vinegar. No one wants to do business with a person they don’t like. While you need to keep it professional, you still have the freedom to connect with others on a human level. 

Follows Up

Selling doesn’t end when the meeting is over. Few potential customers are ready to buy after one discussion, and that means you need to follow up. Make sure you ask your prospects for multiple ways to connect with them and reach out!

Qualities of being Relentless

There is no doubt about it; working in sales leads to multiple rejections. A good salesperson knows how to avoid becoming discouraged when they hear the word, “No,” over and over again. Instead they find other ways to get the results they want. 

Traits of a Bad Salesperson

Underperforming salespeople often do poorly because of their bad habits. The good news is that by evaluating yourself honestly and trying to correct behaviours, you can join the ranks of the high performing sales professionals. 

Talks Over the Customer 

No one likes to be interrupted or feel like someone isn’t listening. Give your customer time to express needs and wants. If you listen carefully, they will tell you the key to closing the deal. 

Assumes Everything

Sure, do your homework and research your prospect before meeting with them, but no matter how much you know, you don’t know enough. Never assume anything. A better approach is to ask questions and listen to what your prospect has to say. 

Bad Qualities of being Timid

Be fearless when it comes to meeting new prospects and believe that you are offering the best solution for the person’s problem. People don’t trust others who are too shy or those unwilling to speak highly of themselves and their company.

Bad Qualities of being Rude

Never confuse being confident and assertive with being disrespectful. Respect everyone you speak with: from the person who answers the phone and up. You never know who might become an advocate for the solution you are selling.

Waits For Customer

Many customers are hesitant to commit to making a purchase, especially a costly one. So never wait around for a prospect to call you, call them. This way you might find out what’s holding them back and you’ll be able to help them get past their concerns.

Gives Up Easily

Don’t give up. Sales is a numbers game. Get out there, and sell with passion, even if you feel dejected. You never know who will say, ”Yes.”

With a little time and effort, these good traits of a salesperson can help you turn around your sales record completely. Have a look at SOCO Academy which helps you to fine tune your sales skills.

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