Top Sales Training Programs – Vital Skills All Reps Need Now

Top sales training programs
Top Sales Training programs

2020 forced businesses to change to match the turbulent wave of unprecedented events rapidly. With work and life environments turned on their head, 2020 quickly exposed many sales professionals’ skill gaps – critical selling skills they didn’t think they needed just months before. 

2022 continues to bring change and the need to adapt, and companies need to enable their sales teams to evolve their sales strategies to keep up with changing times. Sales teams can no longer get by just having basic sales skills.

With the new selling environment, here are the top sales training programs companies need to implement in 2022, as well as the most important sales skills sales reps need to possess:

  1. Virtual Selling
  2. Digital Networking
  3. Prospecting
  4. Social Selling
  5. Mindset for Sales
  6. Managing Virtually

1. Virtual Selling

Selling virtually is the future, actually – it’s already here. With this in mind, new environments require new skills, especially in a digital setting. Sales teams need to build rapport virtually, present their solution online effectively, and understand which digital sales tools to incorporate into their processes.

There’s a reason why we put Virtual Selling as the top sales training program for 2022 – it’s the most important skill all sales professionals need to master right now.

Who it’s for: sales professionals and sales managers that reduced or eliminated face-to-face meetings but still want to effectively build rapport and close deals without having to meet with prospects in person.

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2. Digital Networking

Another essential skill to have in sales and one of the top sales training programs being implemented this year is Digital Networking. You’ve probably noticed that online networking strategies are quickly replacing traditional in-person networking events. Sales professionals now need to learn how to network online without coming across as spammy or disingenuous.

With digital networking, sales professionals can use Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp Groups (or any type of online group for that matter) to get an insight into what’s going on with their prospects and customers, generate leads and stay top of mind with customers.

When done well, sales reps come across as an expert and an authority. You’ll find that people will even seek you out for their go-to questions!

Who it’s for: teams looking to generate leads online

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3. Prospecting

With many companies feeling the crunch of a downturn or a changing business environment, prospecting has become an even more important activity.

The thing is, prospecting activities that worked a couple of years ago aren’t necessarily still effective. Messaging needs to change and the tools used need to be expanded to get the most effective results.

In 2022 companies need to update their prospecting strategies to keep up with the changing times.

Who it’s for: teams responsible for generating leads

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4. Social Selling

Who doesn’t want to reach their ideal target customers at a scale they’ve never been able to do before? Today’s sales process includes more technology, tools, automation, social media, chat, and AI than EVER before. Critically, sales representatives must be effectively harnessing these new tools available to them.

Sales Teams benefit from using social media to find their audience, have conversations with prospects, generate sales leads, get past gatekeepers, and fill their all-important sales pipeline.

Who it’s for: sales professionals and sales leaders regardless of whether they’re responsible for lead generation or not. Everyone needs to learn the fundamentals of Social Selling.

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5. Mindset for Sales

To say that 2021 was rough for some is probably an understatement; has your team lost motivation for 2022 and found themselves in perpetual sales slumps?

Well, believing you will succeed is already half the battle, especially when times are tough. This is why sales professionals and small business owners must learn how to stay motivated when the economy slows down, when anxious customers say no, and when things just aren’t going according to plan.

It’s often a strong sense of internal motivation that separates the top performers from the underachievers, which is why all of our sales training starts with attitude.

Who it’s for: Account Managers, Business Development, Pre-Sales, or any customer-facing role.

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6. Managing Virtually

We are in unprecedented times where the crisis has fundamentally changed the way people live, work and do business. With teams around the world working from home now, many leaders and companies are scrambling to adapt not only how their teams work from home but also how managers can lead remotely. 

By learning the fundamentals of Managing Virtually, leaders can ensure productivity, collaboration and team morale are maximised even when work environments change.

Who it’s for: All leaders managing remote, blended or split teams.

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SOCO/ is an expert-led, award-winning sales training company. We’ve spent decades working with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies across Asia and the world.

Have SOCO train your team in the top sales skills needed to take on 2022 through either Virtual Instructor Led Training through video conferencing software or let your team learn new skills in their spare time using our popular e-learning platform – SOCO Academy.

Not sure which of the top sales training programs is right for you? Book an appointment with one of our program advisors who will be happy to build the right training plan for you.

Don’t just take our word it. See what others are saying!

“We recently had Tom conduct a virtual external Sales Training Program for our entire commercial organization at Carousell Group for our different brands in 5 countries.

Tom shared great insights on consultative selling and needs analysis to win new customers. He energized and fuelled our sales & trade marketing teams to apply the concepts they learned into their day to day interactions with customers. Throughout the session, all 200+ attendees were fully engaged and inspired to apply the concepts shared into their interactions with clients.

At the core of Carousell, we constantly raise the bar, growing and inspiring one another. Thank you Tom for helping us raise the bar. “

Vishal Salunkhe | Head of Sales Operations & Enablement Carousell

“I had the pleasure of working with Tom to deliver a live webinar to our customers across 3 continents! From the discovery and planning meetings right down to customizing content to meet our objectives and engage our audience, Tom is a pro. He is energetic and has the ability to cut through – so it feels as though you are right there in the room with him. If you are hesitating don’t; we already booked him for a keynote at our next virtual event!”

Kiera Kramer | Brand and Experiences Marketing for QuickBooks

“I had a great sales training with Tom! I have learned so much especially on the prospecting part. He gave me more motivation in making cold calls and building better relationships with my clients.”

Mathilde Ramoisy | SaaS Enterprise Business Development at Perx Technologies

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