8 Major Warning Signs Your Sales Team Needs Training & How To FIX Them!

There’s a good chance you’re here because your sales team isn’t quite fulfilling your expectations, and you’ve got a nagging suspicion that they need training. In this article, we share eight major warning signs that your sales team needs training and what you can do to fix it.

1. Pricing is their competitive strategy

In today’s world, customers have a wealth of information about you and your competitors at their fingertips.

Because there’s a good chance the customer has done extensive research and come across some of your cheaper competitors, sales professionals must be prepared to demonstrate why they’re worth what they charge instead of solely dropping their price.

When sales teams compete on price, prospective customers view your solution as a commodity that can easily be overlooked in favor of a cheaper and less effective solution.

Furthermore, when your sales team only focuses on pricing, they’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to ask the right questions to reveal what’s most important to the customer, and this often has nothing to do with pricing.

To prevent sales professionals from competing solely on price, they need to understand how to differentiate from the competition effectively and how to overcome price objections. Our Differentiation and Objection Handling courses would benefit these sales reps.

2. They consistently lose business to the competition

Is your sales team consistently losing deals to competitors?

In a world where buyers face overwhelming choices, your sales team must rise above the noise. It boils down to strategic positioning. Sales reps must analyze the competition, pinpoint their unique strengths, AND convey them effectively. Our Differentiation Dominance certification course guides you through this process, ensuring your differentiators resonate with your buyers. After all, if your prospects don’t see the value, your team risks falling into the price-based competition trap.

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3. They’re doing more talking than the customer

The third major sign that your sales team needs training is that they’re doing all the talking. We get it—you want to sell your solution, but nothing should ever be pitched until the sales rep fully understands the customer’s needs. Without this valuable information, they risk pitching the wrong product and talking themselves out of a deal. 

To overcome this, sales professionals need to be prepared with a list of needs analysis questions and understand how to incorporate the prospect into their presentation instead of purely focusing on pitching. If your team’s doing all the talking, it’s time for a change. They need to weave persuasive stories into their pitch—stories that show your solution solves real problems for real people.

To help sales professionals uncover the needs of their prospects, we recommend a needs analysis activity to help the team come up with their own questions. We then follow this up with sales presentation training so they know how to present with the customer in mind.

4. They’re still prospecting like it’s 1985

Prospecting is vital for getting leads to the top of the sales funnel. However, the world has evolved, and old ways of prospecting aren’t as effective anymore. For this reason, sales reps need to learn modern prospecting activities incorporating an omnichannel approach to reach out to their prospects using multiple platforms, tools, and touchpoints. 

Our Prospecting training program trains reps to be creative, persistent, and, most importantly, adopt an effective strategy that generates real results.

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5. They don’t up-sell or cross-sell

If you find that your sales team is only selling what the prospect asks for, it’s time to invest in training. While average sales reps act as order takers, high-performers know how to take what the prospect asks for and uncover needs for products or services they haven’t considered.

When sales teams don’t upsell or cross-sell, they must be taught how to dig deeper, uncover problems, and present more solutions. This naturally leads to upselling, cross-selling, and more repeat business.

6. Referrals are scarce

Whether you’re a small business or a sales professional, referrals are vital to your company and sales growth. Referrals result from exceptional experiences with your company and a process for requesting and maximizing referrals.

7. Complaints are rife

You know you’ve got an issue when complaints are constantly coming in. Whether it’s that your sales team is overselling your solution and leaving it to the customer service team to deal with their mess or there’s a lack of communication between the 2 teams, efforts need to be made to fine-tune processes and have separate teams work more closely together. Sometimes it’s just a matter of scheduling more joint meetings between the 2 teams or having the customer service team explain the issues they’re having to the sales team or vice versa. Still, communication and meeting expectations are often at the core of this issue.

8. Managers micromanage

We get it; as a manager, you’re on the hook for results, whether that’s goal attainment or sales performance. Sometimes you must take the matter into your own hands to ensure the job is complete. However, Micromanaging is awful for several reasons; most notably, its position indicates a lack of trust, experience, or even insecurity. Therefore, we can all agree that this isn’t a recipe for collaborative success.

Instead, sales managers must tap into strengths and address weaknesses to build strong teams. A high-performing team is highly motivated. They take on challenges eagerly to exceed expectations; they don’t blindly follow orders but look to improve upon them.

Does this sound like a dream? Our Management Mastery course teaches the essential management skills every leader needs to possess to bring out the best in their team.

Remember—leading a team to new heights requires understanding your team’s unique strengths, navigating uncharted territory, and inspiring them to reach their maximum potential. It takes a talented leader to do that.

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A high-performing team is highly motivated. They take on challenges with an eagerness to exceed expectations and don’t blindly follow orders; they look to improve upon them.

Leading a team to new heights takes understanding your team’s unique strengths, how to navigate uncharted territory and how to inspire them to reach their maximum potential. It takes a talented leader to do that.

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Maintaining motivation is critical for sustained achievement. As a sales rep, you know this: motivation drives hard work, customer connections, and goal attainment.

However, staying motivated despite rejection, setbacks, and intense competition poses significant challenges.

Many sales leaders grapple with the same issue within their teams. The solution lies in Strategic Leadership and Management Training. By honing your skills, you empower your sales team to take ownership, plan strategically, and surpass expectations.

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