How To Engage Prospects To Win More Deals

Engage Prospects Effectively

As a salesperson, you know that prospects always have three basic qualifications: a need for your product, the ability to afford your product, and the authority to purchase your product. However, the real tricky part comes in once you’ve successfully qualified them- finding a way to communicate effectively to get what you want. In this article, we’ll discuss how to engage prospects to win more deals—ultimately helping you to make more new customers, loyal clients, and eventually, the opportunity to nurture long-time patrons.

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How to engage prospects to win more deals

1. The power of social media

Social media is invaluable for providing value to your prospects seamlessly through helpful content and, more importantly, helping you to engage effortlessly. 

So how do you engage prospects to move throughout your sales funnel with social media? Well, I’ve created a blog and a newsletter, as well as offering free assessments and consultations.

However, you can start with an informative blog, helpful infographics and simple how-to or explainer videos. You can even use social media to identify and gain key insights into your customer base’s changing needs. Ultimately, social media is one of the best ways to engage prospects. Just take a look at the performance benefits by comparing social selling users with all others. These numbers are from a whitepaper published by Hootsuite sourced by Aberdeen Group.

  • Total team attainment of sales quota 64% versus 49%
  • Customer renewal rate 55% versus 48%
  • Sales forecast accuracy of 54% versus 42%
  • Percentage of sales reps achieving quota 46% versus 38%

2. Ask more questions

It would be best if you asked probing questions, not only to uncover problems but to pique their interest (and pain) when considering questions that resonate with them. Unfortunately, prospects will not naturally tell you their problem; therefore, you’re on a fact-finding mission to pinpoint what problems they are currently facing. Most importantly, your thoughtful and curious nature will create an impression that you’re solely here for the customer, their best interest, and committed to helping them. 

3. Exceed expectations

It’s tough out there in this modern sales landscape; with more competitors than ever before, you need to take it back to basics and focus on exceeding expectations. Think about it- everyone loves to feel unique, valued and cared for – why not extend this to your prospective customers? All you need to do is give small tokens to enhance your experience, such as waiving a fee, charging less than the estimate, or adding a little extra. A personal touch is always a sure-fire way to engage prospects effectively or at least pique their interest.

How to engage new and maturing clients

Once they’ve become customers, be sure to send them an evaluation on a monthly basis. This let’s them provide feedback on how the relationship is going. For maturing clients, you could spotlight them in your newsletter by running a photograph of them and a description of their products and services. This gives them great exposure.

Prefer to watch, rather than read? Learn how to engage prospects effectively, right here in this video:

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