Social Media Increases Sales | The Proof Is In The Numbers

social media increases sales

More than half of the world now uses social media, and with 5.22 billion unique mobile users, there’s never been a better time to be in sales. In 2021, most companies believe that social media is benefiting different stages of their sales funnel.

Social selling can help encourage buyers to start a relationship with sales reps and share their contact information. However, although nearly all companies understand social selling benefits, fewer than half have dedicated developed social selling programs.

The simple fact is that some salespeople still can’t leave traditional selling behind, so in this article, we’ll prove to you that social media increases sales by examining the latest social selling statistics.

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Social Media Sales Statistics | Social Media Increases Sales

Stop buying email lists, put down the phone and get ready to join the sales evolution with these social media sales stats – what are you waiting for?

1. 84% of B2B buyers* start their buying process with an online referral.

Any business that shares your target audience but crucially isn’t a competitor is an ideal connection for a referral network. They’re instrumental if you can identify complementary businesses to your own; for instance, if we consider real-estate brokers, they should be able to refer customers to moving companies. Furthermore, It’s stated that 87% of Sales Reps, 82% of Sales Leaders, and 78% of marketers agree that referrals are the best leads you can get. This leads us to our next social media sales statistic.

Statistic from Big Commerce*

2. 31% of B2B professionals* said that social selling allowed them to build deeper relationships with their clients.

With prospects sharing information online regarding their needs, wants, and challenges – armed with this crucial information, you’re more likely to be able to approach them, create trust and resonate with them.

Statistic from Hootsuite*

3. Sales reps with high social network activity achieve 45% more sales opportunities and are 51% more likely to achieve sales quotas.

It speaks for itself!

Statistic from Hootsuite*

4. 84% of C-level and VP-level buyers* are influenced by social media when purchasing.

Social media is an essential resource for senior professionals to research B2B opportunities because it gives the social proof they need to make necessary purchases. Still, want to cold call that company? I didn’t think so!

Statistic from IDG*

Social Selling Lessons from Brian Tracy, Gurmit Singh and Boy Abunda

What Brian Tracy, Gurmit Singh and Boy Abunda all have in common is that they are celebrities in their own right. Don’t know who they all are? That’s ok because they have each created their own niche and amassed a following of dedicated fans.

Tom had the opportunity to see all 3 of them speak and tell their story, and even had dinner with Brian Tracy. What he learned from them is the importance to carve out your own niche and find your unique voice.

While Brian Tracy is the most well known of the 3 names and has a social media following of several millions across multiple platforms, his style might not be for everyone. Gurmit Singh, best known for his role as the character Phua Chu Kang, is one of Singapore’s best known celebrities, but if you’re outside of the region, you would have no idea who he is. Boy Abunda is a talk show host in the Philippines with fans loyal enough to fly from the Philippines to Singapore to see him speak.

The lesson to share with you is, it doesn’t matter if your company is at the level of Brian Tracy or Boy Abunda. You need to build a following of loyal fans who love your product or service. By starting with a small yet loyal following, your reach will grow as your fans share your message and recommend you to their friends or colleagues.

So what can you do today to get a step closer to turning your customers into loyal, raving fans? One way is to understand what makes you better and different from the competition and know how to communicate it. In our e-course Differentiation Dominance, we help you do just that.

What next? | The Digital Sales Evolution

Buyers are constantly on social media, learning more about your company and competitors. Social media has changed the buying process and, as a result, the selling process. Are you adapting your process to keep up with the evolution of sales? Discover our proven social selling process covered in this book, and you’ll soon begin to generate more leads and close more sales using social media.

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