E-Learning for Sales Teams

E-Learning for Sales Teams

Are you reaching your sale targets every quarter? If not, you may need to think about updating the skills of your sales team.

Even if you have a well-trained and knowledgeable sales team which is crushing your sales goal month after month, in order to remain competitive in today’s market, your sales team will need to hone their skills continuously. Whether it is learning a new sales technique or keeping up with changes in your company’s products or services – finding the best training method is crucial.

While most companies still depend on in-person courses to train their employees, there is a growing demand for e-learning for sales teams. And for good reason.

That’s why we created SOCO Academy, our e-learning for sales teams. Here’s why your sales team should be using e-learning.

What is E-Learning?

E-learning is simply using technologies, most commonly the internet, to access instruction on computers or other devices outside of the traditional classroom setting. Companies may choose to use this type of training methodology exclusively, or it is more commonly blended with in-person instruction providing supplementary and personalized training. E-learning is known by several terms including online training, distance learning, computer-assisted learning and web-based training.

Advantages of Using E-Learning for Sales Teams

These days e-learning is everywhere, and for a very good reason — it works. Yet, there are a number of companies which are reluctant to include e-learning in their corporate training curriculum. These businesses still believe that the more traditional training options, like workshops and seminars, provide a better learning outcome despite antidotal and research-based findings that there is no significant difference between the two modes of training.

So, if both classroom learning and e-learning provide trainees with relatively the same learning outcomes as one another, the real question becomes: Does it still make sense for your company to switch the way it trains employees?

Yes. E-learning offers many benefits over other forms of instructions, including:

Lower Costs with E-Learning

Lower costs for businesses makes online sales training an attractive alternative to other popular instructional options. Switching to an online learning environment eliminates most of the major expenses businesses must pay when they conduct live training. These savings include the cost of printing physical learning materials, the travel and lodging costs for trainers, catering, venue rentals, and probably the most crucial expense of all — lost productivity. These savings, in addition to effective results, translates into a high ROI.

Asynchronous courses

Asynchronous courses mean that businesses will no longer have to spend time struggling to find a time when all the members on the sales team are available for training when a company transitions from traditional seminars or workshops into e-learning. Online training gives companies the ability to provide training to employees all day, every day of the year — wherever and whenever the employee has free time. Since each employee works through the online course on their own, there’s the added ability for each member of your sales team to catch up on the information they need to know whenever they have a free moment.


Interactivity is a large part of e-learning for sales teams. Most computer-based learning utilizes multimedia and reality-based simulations to stimulate and challenge employees. Most companies discover that when they include features such as competitions and gamification into their e-learning courses, trainees tend to enjoy their experience more while retaining a larger amount of information than in other educational settings.

Customisable Learning

Customisable learning helps all members of your sales team brush up on what they need to know without wasting time going over information some have already mastered. Everyone’s knowledge gap is unique, and each individual absorbs information at different rates. When you use e-learning for training, you give your employees the option to choose exactly what they want to learn and to progress at their own pace. This approach keeps all your employees motivated and guarantee they are learning something useful from each training session without becoming frustrated.

E-Learning Assessments

Assessments are immediate with e-learning. You can offer the members of your sales team ongoing and automatic assessments and feedback while they work through the course. These mini-assessments help the trainee to perfect his knowledge in small, easily mastered chunks while providing positive reinforcement. In addition, since all assessment takes place online, your company’s HR department or management has an easy way to review the level of knowledge for each of your sales team members.

Whether you are looking for better ways to onboard your new hires faster or want to expand the knowledge level of your existing sales team without spending a lot of time, effort or money, e-learning is a great alternative to in-person corporate training.

SOCO Academy – The E-Learning for Sales Teams Solution

Here at SOCO/ Sales Training, we’ve been implementing sales systems in industry leading companies for decades. We found that the best system to train sales staff incorporates a combination of e-learning, in-person training and coaching. By incorporating all 3, retention and implementation are maximised and sales teams reach what we all strive for, their maximum potential.

If you’d like to learn more about online sales training program SOCO Academy, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to chat about putting together a system which works for you.

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