Using Gamification Techniques to Train Employees in Macau

Sales Training in Macau
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Last week I had the opportunity to not only spend multiple days delivering sales training in Macau for one of our top clients in the hospitality industry but to also deliver a talk to a room full of sales leaders and HR Professionals. I spoke on how to measure and improve the return on investment (ROI) of training.

One of the processes I champion is incorporating e-learning into the training system. By incorporating mobile ready e-learning that integrates gamification, companies in Macau and around the world can increase the ROI of training by giving employees more ways to continue and reinforce training.

As an example, when we’re training sales teams across Asia, we recommend not only in-person training (or webinars if the teams are geographically dispersed) but also post training reinforcement that comes from the management team and our automated post training system.

Post learning, learners get dripped content that reinforces what they learned and leaders are advised to conduct regular team meetings to discuss how implementation of the new strategies are working.

Training doesn’t work if there isn’t a culture and appetite to implement the new methodologies.

Another way teams can reinforce the learning is to bring in an external coach to conduct the post training meetings to make sure they’re done effectively.

No matter how busy a team is, there is no reason why training should go in one ear and out another when the systems are in place to ensure retention and implementation.

This is we we advocate having a complete training system in place.

For more details on what I shared, read the full article that the Macau Daily Times did of my talk.

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