Sales Performance Improvement Plan Worksheet

Sales Performance Improvement Plan Worksheet

Are you taking personal responsibility for your sales results? Blaming an economic downturn for a decrease in business leads to the logic of crediting an economic upturn for an increase in business. I’m an eternal optimist in that I believe the future is something we can control despite challenging economic times. We cannot control what goes on outside our business, but we can (and must!) control what goes on inside them. We want to help you perform at your best, so download your free sales performance improvement plan below!

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Prefer to watch rather than read? Learn the importance of taking personal responsibility, right here in this video.

Personal Responsibility

Believe it or not, it takes much more than talent, passion or charm to be a successful salesperson. Instead, you need to be accountable for yourself and your results. However, self-responsibility isn’t something a person can learn, much like a craft or a skill. Rather, it begins with a decision to be better – to be responsible for your actions and character.

This free downloadable sales performance improvement plan below will help you to stay motivated, focused and accountable.

Sales Performance Improvement Plan Worksheet

One of the tools you could use is a Weekly Activity Worksheet. The worksheet lists your revenue and volume goals (number of customers) and breaks those goals down into the following daily activities:

  • Hours spent calling
  • Prospecting calls
  • Presentations scheduled
  • Presentations delivered
  • Revenue target achieved
  • Volume target achieved
  • Hours spent call/ revenue achieved
weekly sales activity worksheet

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