How Your Sales Team Can Learn to Make Perfect Pitches with a Coaching App

coaching app for sales teams
Coaching app for sales teams

Many fundamental attributes make a good sales team or individual salesperson. But it’s the pitch that does the heavy lifting. Improving the pitch can always help a salesperson get more out of their sales conversations. That’s where 60 Seconds comes in, a coaching app for sales teams.

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The Importance of the Sales Pitch

There are various ways to pitch a product, idea, or solution. Some can master one or two, while some others can win over a person or room no matter the venue.

There’s the 30-second elevator pitch, and the half hour presentation. No matter what, the pitch is the means by which a salesperson opens someone else to the possible value or benefit of what they have to offer.

However, pitching doesn’t come naturally to many people. Even among those with a natural talent for it, there’s always room for improvement. That’s why it’s important to practice pitching.

Is your team adapting well to product changes? Are they handling multiple products and seem to do far better with one than others? They likely need to work on their sales pitches.

The Importance of Practicing a Sales Pitch

Practice makes perfect. A salesperson needs to practice their pitches and variations of their pitches. They need to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and what needs tweaking. Usually, their only avenue for practice and testing their sales pitches is when they’re actually making a pitch.

The 60 Seconds Sales Coaching App

The 60 Seconds sales coaching app exists to help sales professionals develop a perfect pitch without having to lose sales in the process. 60 Seconds allows salespeople to test their pitches on virtual prospects. It aims to improve the pitch through practice, evaluation, coaching, and education.

Here’s how it works for individuals:

  • The salesperson practices their pitch then submits the written or video pitch to a coach or sales manager
  • Coaching allows for feedback directly to the salesperson, they can then refine their pitch
  • When perfected, the salesperson can share the pitch with the team so they can learn as well

There’s more to the process, and it’s definitely worth it to check out the amazing features of 60 Seconds. Beyond the individual approach, there’s also the team building aspect of the system.

Other team members will try to one-up their colleagues. The process can drive both improvement and competition among the team. They can also learn from each other. This is especially good for teams that rarely see each other.

A Boon to Sales Managers

This approach typically helps sales managers to see the strengths and weaknesses of their team no matter where they are. Sales managers are often busy, and coaching sessions can eat up a lot of time.

When a team member makes use of the app, they will likely do far more rehearsing than they would have otherwise. This is mainly because they want to try to submit their best material to their coach or sales manager.

In the end, sales teams will learn to pitch more effectively and evolve their pitching strategies as well. Sales managers will see improvements in their team’s overall effectiveness. And all the success will be measurable and quantifiable through the app.

Yes, the sales pitch is incredibly important. The better your team becomes at collectively giving a perfect pitch, the more the business will thrive. 60 Seconds fosters that line of thinking. It’s worth it for any sales manager to consider it as a tool they can use to improve performance.

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