Highly Effective 6 Part B2B Phone Sales Script For Sales Success

You’re here because you’re struggling to schedule appointments with prospects. However, more to the point, you can’t seem to hold conversations that resonate with prospects. Here’s the thing, too many salespeople wing their sales calls, but why? Without some structure or plan, you leave too many things open to chance and lose control of the call. Follow our 6 part b2b phone sales script below to start successfully scheduling appointments with prospects. 

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Why You Need A Phone Sales Script

Have you created a compelling script for scheduling appointments that will resonate with your prospects? The most important thing to remember here is, Don’t wing it! Without some structure or plan, you leave too many things open to chance and lose control of the call. Creating compelling scripts for scheduling appointments that will resonate with your prospective customers and rehearsing them will help you schedule more appointments and ensure you’re dealing with a decision-maker.

Six Parts Of a Phone Sales Script

Your phone sales script has six different, equally important sections:

  1. Introducing yourself
  2. Building rapport
  3. Establishing credibility (why should they listen to you)
  4. Making your offer
  5. Getting a commitment
  6. Ending your sales call

1. Introducing Yourself

Introducing Yourself Phone Sales Script

Avoid “Robot Voice”

Do you remember the last time you spoke with a marketer on the telephone who was clearly reading from a script? It probably sounded pretty monotonous and uninspiring, right? The next time you call a prospect, do the person, and yourself a favour, and can the “robot voice.” Instead, makes sure your sales pitch seems spontaneous, even if it is the hundredth time you said the same words that day. That means you are going to have to spend time practising what you will say to get your pacing, inflexions, and emotions as close to natural as possible. 

Start with a Positive Attitude

Don’t dial until you are in a positive state of mind. Rejection is a part of sales, and if you are cold calling prospects, you are likely to hear the word “no” over and over again. You can’t let it get you down because it is easy for a potential customer to hear self-doubt and desperation in your voice. So, do what you need to get pumped before each call whether it is power posing, reading a few inspirational quotes, or simply smiling. 

Ask for Permission

Remember that your phone call is taking up time out of your potential customer’s busy day. Do the right thing and begin each call by asking if the prospect has time to talk with you. By asking permission, you are showing respect to the customers, and the person is more likely to be receptive to your sales pitch. If the prospect responses that he is to busy to talk, schedule a time to call back. When the prospect indicates he has limited time, present a shortened elevator pitch, and then ask if the he would like to talk more in the future. 

2. Building Rapport with a Phone Sales Script

Build Rapport Phone Sales Script

Find Common Interest

It only takes a moment or two to establish a shared connection with a potential customer, and it can be the difference between closing a sale and coming up empty. You can find quickly connect with any sales prospect in three ways:

Ask a provocative question.

Tell the prospect many of your current customers used to experience a particular problem, and ask if the person is also experiencing this challenge.

Offer advise, not a pushy sales pitch

No one wants to be sold to, but everyone likes to learn new ways to solve problems.

Talk about the prospect’s business

Identify the business’s successes and what the company needs to perform even better. All your talking points need to be relevant. 

Why Should Anyone Listen to You?

3. Establish Credibility with a Phone Sales Script

Establish Credibility Phone Sales Script

Don’t be just another salesman making a sales call. Quickly establish who you are, and why you are credible. You can do this by differentiating yourself from your competition and toot your own horn just enough to convince your prospect you are worth his time. 

4. Make Your Offer with a Phone Sales Script

Make your offer Phone Sales Script

Don’t Hide the Reason For the Call

Lead with your call’s objective. If the goal of the call is to schedule an in-person sales meeting or to sign them up for a new internet provider, reveal it upfront. Being transparent about the reason you are reaching out helps to build trust, and will prevent both of you from wasting time.  If a potential client is not in the market for what you are selling, why not use the time to speak with someone who might be? 

Keep It Focused

Keep the conversation focused on what you are offering and how your product or service is going to help the prospect solve a significant business problem.  Remember, people tend to be able to focus their attention for only a few seconds, so you can maximize your pitch by keeping it short and sweet while offering additional information once the potential customer shows sufficient interest. 

5. Commitment with a Phone Sales Script

Commitment Phone Sales Script

Go For The Close

Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to closing. If the opportunity for closing a deal presents itself during your conversation, pull the trigger and go for it. The longer people talk, especially on the phone, the less likely they are to make a sale. The most effective sale pitches should be Tweet-able. Learn more about how to close sales.

Avoid Vagaries

Avoid vagaries like, “When are you available?” as this could lead to them asking you to call back another time. Be specific to go for the commit, this is your chance to gain commitment.

6. Ending Your Call with a Phone Sales Script

Ending your Call Phone Sales Script

Thank Them For Their Time

The call is nearing completion. Perhaps you closed a deal, but more likely, you heard a firm “no” or a timid “maybe.” Whatever happened, remember to thank them for their time. This small courtesy ends the call on cordial terms and leaves the door open for a future sales call. 

Date and Time of Meeting

If the prospect requested more information or a return call or face-to-face meeting, confirm the time and date, along with any preferred contact information.  You may also want to ask if there is anyone else at the person’s company who you should speak. 

Anyone Else Joining?

Ask them if there anyone else should join the meeting. Get as many decision makers to join in the meeting. You initiate of whom you think would benefit joining the meeting. You were also able to identify and differentiate who is the gatekeeper and who is the decision-maker.

Contact Details

Remember, before hanging up to tell the prospect what you want to him to do next. Whether it is to check his email for a message or visit your website to find out more information, don’t be vague about what he needs to do now.

Finally, after the sales call, be sure to send a quick email or text message to acknowledge your call, and confirm any followup. You may want to write something like: “It was great to speak with you about our product today. I am looking forward to our meeting tomorrow at 2 PM at your office!”

Not only does this serve as a reminder, but may make the person feel guilty if he cancels. This can reduce your cancellations and no-shows by up to 80 percent!

6 Steps To An Effective Phone Sales Script
6 Steps To An Effective Phone Sales Script

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