6 Expert Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

If you want to connect with buyers in a B2B space, LinkedIn is where it’s at. While in Dubai I met up with my friend and fellow LinkedIn advocate Natalia to share the 6 LinkedIn tips you need to be doing to succeed on LinkedIn and generate leads for your business. Stay till the end to watch for a bonus tip.

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1. Connect with Existing Connections on LinkedIn

Remember to stay connected with your existing customers on LinkedIn. Don’t feel like just because you’re connecting with new people that you can ignore your existing customers. Something that I find really useful on LinkedIn is noticing: is there a job change? Or a work anniversary? Has the company expanded? Gone into a new market? Or are they just sharing some great content? Be sure to like, comment and share the content that your network is sharing to stay top of mind.

2. Create Your Own Content on LinkedIn

If you want to be perceived as a thought leader, you also need to create your own content. Share your lessons learned, ups and downs, trends, anything that is interesting like stories. Make people fall in love with you and build a tribe.

3. Use LinkedIn to Find Your Target Audience

You’ve got to figure out how to find your ideal target audience on LinkedIn. Use the LinkedIn advanced search to find your target audience based on their job role, title, geography etc. Find your target audience and start connecting with them online. Create a Linkedin Profile for Sales Professionals.

4. Don’t Sell in the Connection Request

It’s very important that you have a template that you use to approach that person. But please don’t do 2 things. The first one, just connect with a person without a message because then he or she doesn’t know where she knows you from, that doesn’t help. And the second one is; do not pitch, do not hard sell in the contact message. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone connects with me and the first thing they do is, here’s a PDF of our services.

5. Take Online Connections Offline

It’s very, very important that you don’t stay online on LinkedIn that means; once you have connected, pick up the phone and then either schedule a call through Zoom or Skype or whatever or meet that person live for a coffee, for a tea, for lunch because this is how you build a true connection, this is how you build a relationship and a trust which could be the foundation for a collaborate or maybe for a project or another deal.

6. Keep Building Your Network Using LinkedIn ‘Find Nearby’

Keep building your network. So, when you’re out either at a networking event or in our case on the stage and there’s hundreds or thousands of people there, how do you connect with all of these people in the audience or in the room? Well, LinkedIn’s got this super cool function on mobile where when you switch on your Bluetooth, you can go in your connections tab and right at the top, you’ll see ‘Find nearby’ and it’ll beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. It’ll start putting the message out there and seeing, who else in the room, is on LinkedIn and you can just start connecting with everyone in the room. It’s an awesome tool. I recommend that you guys do that.

Hope you guys found great value in this short video that we did. I want to hear from you guys now. We want to know, what’s working for you guys on LinkedIn? Has there been something that you’ve tried? A tool? A technique? Or a tactic that for you guys have been a total game changer?

LinkedIn As A Lead Generation Tool For Sales Infographic

If so please share it with us in the comments below and don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn!

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