How To Find Your Target Audience On Social Media

Are you looking to reach a large number of your ideal target customer on social media? Want to learn how to increase sales using digital marketing, internet marketing, online marketing and social media marketing? Learn the 3 rules essential to social selling by properly prospecting on social media in this “How To Find Your Target Audience on Social Media” slide deck.

When I first started implementing social networking platforms to my sales strategy, I joined every social network out there on the market. It was hard and lonely at first, as nobody listened to what I had to say. However, now I’m a social selling expert. So I’m going to break down on increase sales using social selling into a set of rules.

Finding your audience on social media and understanding the platforms and choosing your top 3 is manageable and will keep you focused.

Tom Abbott

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Rule 1. Find your target audience

Who is your target audience? Don’t be confused with your perceived target audience and your actual target audience. Then after asking them which platforms are they on most of the time. Find out which platform does most of the corrugated and narrow it down to three choices.

Rule 2. Know your social media platforms

Each social media platform have their own characteristic that resulted in suiting and attracting certain types of demographics. Know them in and out and the features that they provide. For example, Facebook has 1.39 billion active users* and 23.7% of users are 25 to 34 years old* and 1 in 5 page views in the United States occurs on Facebook*. While Twitter has 271 million active users* and retailers and restaurants are the most engaging on Twitter*. At the same time, apparel businesses are the least engaging industries*. As for LinkedIn, 1 out of 3 professionals are on LinkedIn*, this number will continue to grow, and 13% of LinkedIn users don’t have a Facebook account* and 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn*.

So do your research. There are countless other platforms with new ones always coming out. Find out where your audience is before jumping in.

*data provided is based on the year the article was published

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Rule 3. Focus on your top-3 social media platforms

It’s better to focus on your effort and time on your top 3 social media platforms because your time is limited. Concentrate on the top three platforms where your audience congregates.

Rule 4. Listen to conversations

Listen to the conversations. Understand the platform’s language, what kind of mechanism and language the audience is using. Such as how they behave around someone else post and what kind of content are they posting. Adapt to the situation and blend with them. Then join the conversation.

What’s next? | The Digital Sales Evolution

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