Ultimate Guide Of Sales Infographics: from Motivation to Strategy

Sales infographics are a fantastic visual training tool for yourself or your sales team. Support your sales efforts and stay up-to-date on industry trends; Download and use our sales infographics ranging from motivating your sales team to sales strategies.

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Table of contents | Ultimate Guide Of Sales Infographics

1. The difference between Hunters and Farmers in sales

The Hunter and Farmer sales model revolves around the very different roles each plays in the sales process. Typically, a company would have a team of ‘Hunters’ whose sole job is to go out and find leads and a team of ‘Farmers’ whose job is to nurture existing clients and encourage long-term business.

Difference Between The Hunter and Farmer Sales Model - Sales Infographics

2. Traditional prospecting vs modern prospecting strategies

In this sales infographic, we highlight traditional prospecting and the modern alternatives to consider. Here’s the difference between traditional and modern prospecting strategies.

Traditional Prospecting VS Modern Prospecting Sales Infographic

3. BANT Sales Methodology | Sales infographic

BANT is a sales qualifying methodology used to determine the quality of the lead which can then be used the prioritise leads based on their score.

BANT sales methodology sales infographic

4. Good vs Bad Salesperson | Sales infographic

This sales infographic covers the essential personalities traits that differentiate a good salesperson from a bad salesperson.

Good vs Bad Salesperson Sales Infographic

5. 6 steps to an effective phone sales script

Here’s everything to include in an effective phone sales script to schedule appointments.

6 Steps To An Effective Phone Sales Script

7. MEDDIC Cheat Sheet

Using the MEDDIC approach to customer acquisition can dramatically improve your sales figures. Here’s your cheat sheet.

MEDDIC Cheat sheet

8. Updating Your LinkedIn Profile To Generate Leads

With more and more companies looking to generate leads using LinkedIn, I am often asked, how to craft the ideal LinkedIn Profile for sales professionals. Here’s your cheat sheet to updating your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profile to Generate Lead Infographic

9. Checklist To Onboard New Sales Rep

It can take up to 6 months for a new sales rep to reach full productivity. Speed up the process with a comprehensive training plan and on-boarding process which we outline in this on-boarding sales infographic.

  • Sales manual
  • Sales scripts
  • Client list
  • Common questions and answers (Q&A)
  • Product knowledge
  • Training videos
  • Company knowledge
  • Practical experiences
Checklist to Onboard new Sales Reps Infographic

10. 5 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Implementing Sales Training

  • Sales training isn’t customised
  • Lacking ‘buy in’ from participants
  • Training isn’t focused on implementation
  • Knowledge isn’t tested
  • Training isn’t reinforced

11. What to include in a sales playbook

Besides having the right personality for the job, effective selling requires the ability to follow a proven process, and that is what a sales playbook provides.

How To Create Sales Playbook Infographic

12. LinkedIn for Lead Generation

If you want to connect with buyers in a B2B space, LinkedIn is where it’s at. This LinkedIn infographic is about how to generate leads on the platform.

LinkedIn As A Lead Generation Tool For Sales Infographic

13. 7 keys to a successful cold call

Inbound marketing may be today’s biggest trend, but despite what other people may tell you, cold calling is not obsolete. This infographic is all about what it takes for a successful cold call.

7 Keys to successful cold calling

14. 7 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team to Reach Targets

Effective sales leaders are role models who embody the vision and mission of the company they work for while inspiring their team to reach their potential and sales targets.

15. Sales KPIs Infographic – What Every Sales Leader Needs To Track

Here are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that every sales leader needs to be tracking to measure the effectiveness of their sales teams.

Sales KPIs Infographics

16. 3 ways to get staff motivated in the workplace

If your staff are feeling unmotivated at work, start with this infographic to get fired up at work.

3 ways to get staff motivated in the workplace

17. 8 types of sales leaders

Here are 8 common sales leadership styles.

8 Types Of Sales Leaders

18. 7 power selling assets

The 7 Power Selling Assets Needed to Succeed in Sales.

sales tips infographic

19. Qualities of a Great Sales Professional Infographic

Here are the 10 qualities which make up a great sales professional.

20. 10 Questions to move a sale forward | Cheat-sheet sakes infographic

Sales Infographic of 10 questions to move a sale forward.

10 Questions to Move A Sale Forward

21. 7 ways to stay motivated | Sales infographic

7 quick tips to stay motivated in sales and at work

22. Four styles of communication | Sales infographic

When it comes to sales, here are the 4 types of communication styles you’ll come across in your prospects and customers.

four styles of communication sales infographic

23. Sales Enablement vs Sales Operations | Sales infographic

24. Role and Responsibilities of the Sales Enablement Professional | Sales infographic

25. Sales Funnel vs Sale Pipeline | Sales infographic

26. 8 Types of Sales Enablement | Sales infographic

27. The Perfect Handshake Infographic | Sales infographic

28. 5 Steps For Oversoming Stalled Negotiation | Sales infographic

29. Solution Selling | Sales infographic

30. When Training is Done Right | Sales infographic

31. When Training is Done Wrong | Sales infographic

32. 5 Steps to Creating a Sales Training Program | Sales infographic

33. 5 Stages of the Consumer Decision Making Process | Sales infographic

34. 10 Sales Needs Analysis Questions To Ask | Sales infographic

35. 8 Buying Motives All Salespeople Should Know | Sales infographic

36. 5 Step Negotiation Process

37. Your 10-point sales role-play checklist

38. 8 Tips For Successfully Coaching Your Sales Team

39. Solution Focused Sales Coaching Questions

40. Assumptive Closing Questions

41. Trial Closing Questions

Trial Close Questions Cheatsheet

42. 10 different types of proof devices

43. 10 Hallmark Traits Of A Powerful Virtual Keynote Speaker

44. 7 Stages Of A Typical Sales Pipeline

45. 11 Traits Of All Great Sales Coaches

46. B2B Vs. B2C Buying Process

47. 5 Essential Steps Of The B2B Buying Process


48. B2B Buying Decisions: 4 Key Influencing Factors

49. 10 OSKAR Sales Coaching Questions

50. 9 Virtual Selling Best Practices

51. MEDDPICC Qualifcation Methodology

52. 10 Sales Personality Types: Which one are you?

53. Saleseople stay when they are

54. The Ultimate Video Pitch Framework!

55. How To Get Prospects To Say “Yes”


56. 9 Principles of Achieving Customer Service Excellence

9 Principles Of Achieving Customer Service Excellence Infographic

57. 8 Vital Customer Service Skills All Reps Must Have

8 Vital Customer Service Skills All Reps Must Have

58. 9 Virtual Selling Best Practices – For Before, During, and After Sales Meetings

9 Virtual Selling Best Practices For Before During And After Sales Meetings

59. 7 Step Key Account Planning Process

Infographic on the 7 steps key account planning process

60. 9 Attributes of a Successful Key Account Manager

Infographic on the 9 Attributes of a Successful Key Account Manager

61. 6 Types of Sales Quotas That Helps Sales Teams Win More Deals

Infographic showing the 6 types of sales quotas that will help sales teams win more deals

62. 7 Ways To Increase Sales With ChatGPT

Infographic on the 7 ways ChatGPT can help to increase sales

63. 3 Ways To Integrate ChatGPT Into Your Sales Process

Infographic on the 3 ways you can integrate ChatGPT into your sales process

64. 3 Easy Ways To Generate High Quality Leads

Infographic on the 3 Easy Ways to Generate High Quality Leads

65. 8 Golden Rules of Consultative Selling

Infographic on the 8 golden rules of consultative selling

66. 10 Essential Steps In The Negotiation Process Every Salesperson Needs To Master

Infographic on the 10 essential steps in the negotiation process

67. 3 Steps To Win-Win Negotiations

Infographics on the 3 steps to a win-win negotiation

68. How To Sell During A Slowdown

Infographic on the 5 ways on how to sell during a slowdown

69. Why The Customer Is Not Always Right

Infographic on Why The Customer Is NOT Always Right

70. 5 Interview Questions Sales Reps Always Get Asked

5 Interview Questions Sales Reps Always Get Asked

71. Why Every Company Needs To Use Sales Coaching Software

Why Use Sales Coaching Software For Teams
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