10 CEOs Who Started In Sales

Whether you want to be the CEO of a large corporation, a successful founder or one of the best sales reps/managers at your company, sales is a skill you’ll tap in your entire career. Take it from these 5 CEOs who got their start in sales. 

Why Everyone Should Work in Sales at Least Once in Their Life

There are few jobs which will offer you the chance to earn a good income based solely on how hard you work and your determination level while giving you the opportunity to perfect highly transferable skills you will need for your future. 

How To Create Sales Playbook Infographic

What To Include In A Sales Playbook

Besides having the right personality for the job, effective selling requires the ability to follow a proven process, and that is what a sales playbook provides.

Hunter and farmer sales model

Difference Between Hunters and Farmers in Sales

The Hunter and Farmer sales model revolves around the very different roles each plays in the sales process. Typically a company would have a team of ‘Hunters’ who’s sole job is to go out and find leads, as well as a team of ‘Farmers’ who’s job, is to nurture existing clients and encourage long term business.

Traditional Prospecting VS Modern Prospecting Infographic

Traditional Prospecting VS Modern Prospecting Strategies

In this infographic, we highlight traditional prospecting and the modern alternatives to consider. Here’s the difference between traditional and modern prospecting strategies.

BANT sales methodology infographic

BANT Infographic – Sales Methodology

BANT is a sales qualifying methodology used to determine the quality of the lead which can then be used the prioritise leads based on their score.

LinkedIn Profile to Generate Lead Infographic

LinkedIn Infographic – Updating Your Profile to Generate Lead

With more and more companies looking to generate leads using LinkedIn, I am often asked, how to craft the ideal LinkedIn Profile for sales professionals. Here’s your cheat sheet to updating your LinkedIn profile.

Checklist to Onboard new Sales Reps Infographic

Checklist To Onboard New Sales Rep

It can take up to 6 months for a new sales rep to reach full productivity. Speed up the process with a comprehensive training plan and on-boarding process which we outline in this on-boarding infographic.

  • Sales manual
  • Sales scripts
  • Client list
  • Common questions and answers (Q&A)
  • Product knowledge
  • Training videos
  • Company knowledge
  • Practical experiences

5 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Implementing Sales Training

  • Sales training isn’t customised
  • Lacking ‘buy in’ from participants
  • Training isn’t focused on implementation
  • Knowledge isn’t tested
  • Training isn’t reinforced
Good vs Bad Salesperson

Good vs Bad Salesperson Infographic

Here are the traits that differentiate a good from a bad salesperson.

6 Steps To An Effective Phone Sales Script

6 Steps To An Effective Phone Sales Script

Here’s everything to include in an effective phone sales script to schedule appointments.

MEDDIC Cheat sheet

MEDDIC Cheat Sheet

Using the MEDDIC approach to customer acquisition can dramatically improve your sales figures. Here’s your cheat sheet.

LinkedIn As A Lead Generation Tool For Sales Infographic

LinkedIn For Lead Generation

If you want to connect with buyers in a B2B space, LinkedIn is where it’s at. This LinkedIn infographic is about how to generate leads on the platform.

7 Keys to successful cold calling

7 Keys To A Successful Cold Call

Inbound marketing may be today’s biggest trend, but despite what other people may tell you, cold calling is not obsolete. This infographic is all about what it takes for a successful cold call.

7 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team to Reach Targets

Effective sales leaders are role models who embody the vision and mission of the company they work for while inspiring their team to reach their potential and sales targets.

Sales KPIs Infographics

Sales KPIs Infographic – What Every Sales Leader Needs To Track

Here are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that every sales leader needs to be tracking to measure the effectiveness of their sales teams.

3 ways to get staff motivated in the workplace

3 Ways To Get Staff Motivated In The Workplace

If your staff are feeling unmotivated at work, start with this infographic to get fired up at work.

8 Types Of Sales Leaders

8 Types Of Sales Leaders Infographic

Here are 8 common sales leadership styles.

sales tips infographic

Sales Infographic – 7 Power Selling Assets

The 7 Power Selling Assets Needed to Succeed in Sales.

Qualities of a Great Sales Professional Infographic

Here are the 10 qualities which make up a great sales professional.

10 Questions to Move A Sale Forward

Questioning Cheat Sheet Infographic

Sales Infographic of 10 questions to move a sale forward.

7 Ways to Stay Motivated Infographic

7 quick tips to stay motivated in sales and at work

Communication styles infographic

Communication Styles Infographic

When it comes to sales, here are the 4 types of communication styles you’ll come across in your prospects and customers.

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