The Qualities of Great Sales Professional

Great Sales Professional

The Qualities of the Great Sales Professional

Do you have the qualities of a great sales professional? What other qualities make a great sales professional? These are the qualities that would make a great sales professional:

1. Mindset
Can take rejection after rejection and instead of getting discouraged, focuses on how to get the next one to say yes.

2. Good Listener
Listens to the customers’ needs and uses it to propose a solution that works the best for them.

3. Prepared
Comes to meetings prepared with sales materials, answers to anticipated objections and background information on the client.

4. Confident
A level of arrogance allows a salesperson to assume they’ll make a sale before ever meeting with a prospect.

5. Self-Motivated
Has their own goals in mind and does whatever it takes to meet or exceed them.

6. Product Knowledge
Knows everything about their product or service and how it compares to the competition.

7. Friendly
Can easily build rapport with all types of people whether it’s on the phone or in-person.

8. Follows Up
Doesn’t wait for a prospect to get back to them, instead of checks in to see what else they can do to help the customer move forward.

9. Organised
Keeps track of all working opportunities, past clients and lost sales in a CRM so they know when to follow up.

10. Quick On Feet
Can adjust their pitch based on the current situation and doesn’t get caught off guard by questions.

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