7 Ways To Keep Staff Motivated When Working From Home

With everyone working from home now and many companies struggling to get by, we have to work even harder to keep staff motived. Hope these 7 tips help keep staff motivated and focused on their goals. 

Have Clear Work Expectations

People feel engaged when they know what their priorities are and what’s being expected of them. Without clear expectations, staff are left confused, unmotivated and distressed.

Get Everyone Working Towards A Common Goals

Studies show that people are more willing to work harder and longer when they share a common goal with their coworkers.

Strengthen The Team Bond

It’s important to promote positive relationships, even when staff are working from home. Have team video calls so everyone can see each other and interact, which helps to strengthen the bond.

Company Group Chat

Have a company group chat to share personal stories, fun updates and to encourage each other.

1-on-1 Video Calls

It’s important to continue to build personal connections with staff. Do this by having regularly scheduled video calls to find out how they’re doing both with their work & personally.

Reward Those Who Exceed

Even in tough times, staff need to be rewarded for their hard work. It doesn’t always have to be monetary rewards, instead incorporate public recognition, private recognition and awards.

Give Them The Training They Need

Studies have shown staff who feel that they don’t have adequate training, resources and equipment, leave within a year. Often their targets are high but they are left struggling because they don’t have the tools to reach them.

In today’s environment, e-learning and live virtual training are the ideal way to upskill teams. With many teams now working from home, these solutions bring the teams closer together and allow them to come out of the situation better equipped to exceed targets than ever before.

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