How To Use Human Connection To Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Selling in Asia Episode 22_  How Human Connection Can Help You Build Lasting Relationships With Your Customers with Simone Heng

In this Selling in Asia podcast, Tom sat down with a friend and fellow keynote speaker and advocate of human connection Simone Heng. Join them to discuss why human connection is so important right now and how it can help sales professionals connect with their customers on a deeper level to build lasting business relationships.

That’s what they don’t teach you in traditional sales training; no one says, “Go and be vulnerable!” 

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What is a human connection?

Have you ever stepped away from a conversation feeling rejuvenated and just that little bit more connected to the world? That’s because human connections are why we are on this planet – they unite us through shared experiences. Therefore, a human connection is being seen by another person authentically for who you are and vice versa. Ultimately, it’s really about being able to relate to someone on a deeper level.

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Why are human connections integral to sales?

An authentic human connection is integral to persuasion in sales, considering you’re trying to persuade a prospect to make a decision they may not even have considered before your meeting. Therefore, if you can authentically connect or make a memorable connection in a concise space of time with somebody, you’re more likely to convert a deal. Why? Because genetically, our “need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and water.” according to Scientist and author of Social, Matthew Lieberman.  

 There is a risk in vulnerability, but it is a very direct way to making a connection quickly.

Simone Heng

Simone’s tips for building stronger human connections

Tom asked Simone for her top tips on building stronger human connections to build long lasting relationships. Check them out below:

1. Use their preferred communication style

Most of us are great at authentically connecting with people who are similar to us. However, with those with who we are not in synergy, it feels like a lot of hard work. Therefore, by understanding your customers’ communication style, you can be more in tandem, resulting in a productive and healthy conversation. 

People have unique ways that they like to communicate based on their communication style. They typically fall into four communication styles based on two factors; level of sociability and dominance. In fact, “SOCO” is a quadrant model and an acronym for the four communication styles: Supportive, Open, Closed, and Organised. 

You can learn more about the four communication styles in this article: Understanding 4 Communication Styles To Improve Your Own

2. Persistence overcomes resistence

Sometimes, just consistently making an effort makes an incredible difference. Even between two people who don’t get on, persistence in this way is choosing the higher road, so this effort aids connection mainly because the human connection is all about reciprocity.

3. Consider how you make people feel

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Simone’s last tip centres around how you make other people feel and are, in fact, the baseline for making any human connection. So, for this tip, Simone suggests thinking of your circle of friends where you would feel exhausted every time a specific person there, someone who’s a bit of an energy vampire. Conversely, consider a time you were with someone who uplifted you – that’s the difference in how you can make someone feel.

More about Simone Heng

Simone Heng is a human connection specialist inspiring people to connect in a world thirsty for connection. Furthermore, Simones keynotes have been described as “oratory movies,” weaving together story and my diverse cultural learnings. My clients have included: Salesforce, Ovo, UBS, DBS, Google, Ted X, Great Eastern, AIA, Eurochem, Manulife, The United Nations, Braze and many more.

Additionally, as a former international broadcaster, for CNBC, CNN, HBO Asia, and Virgin Radio Dubai, it was Simone’s job to connect on-air, on-stage, online and one-to-one with people. She now gets to speak to organisations around the world on the connection techniques that authentically bring us together.

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