Quick Tip: How To Overcome Objections From Satisfied Prospects

How To Overcome Objections

In this episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, Tom Abbott explores how to overcome objections from satisfied prospects. “How do I get customers already signed up with my competition, to sign up with me?” – in this excerpt from a sales training Tom provided, he shares how to do just that.

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The distinction between satisfied, and ecstatic

Before exploring how to overcome objections from satisfied prospects, it’s essential to understand the difference between satisfied and ecstatic customers. The problem is when salespeople don’t consider this difference because ultimately, they need to distinguish whether to continue to qualify the prospect.

When you ask a prospect how they find their current service provider, and they’re jumping for joy – it’s best to thank the prospect for their time and gracefully bow out. Why? Because not only has your competitor succeeded in satisfying the customer, they’ve converted them into a loyal customer. 

Conversely, if they don’t have much to say or look like they haven’t even really considered it before – this is your chance to prove your value. Ask provocative questions to uncover hidden issues with their current provider, and use this to your advantage. 

How to overcome objections from satisfied prospects

Now you know who to qualify, you can begin to overcome objections from satisfied prospects with ease using these tips below.

Prepare and ask questions

Not any questions will do. They have to be the right ones. When you ask your prospect the right questions, you will discover a treasure trove of valuable information, including what your potential customers are looking for precisely and what’s preventing them from saying ‘yes.’

Therefore, compiling a list of frequently asked questions that your ideal customers ask, and rehearsing your answers, will help increase your product knowledge and ultimately better position you as an expert. For instance:

“Does our solution meet your needs?”

Pitching a product or service to a prospect who can’t use it is just wasting everyone’s time. Sometimes potential customers will respond to this question by saying your solution doesn’t include this or that feature when, in fact, it does. This gives you the chance to clear up any misunderstandings.

Get trained and stand apart from the competition with ease

Let’s face it. Many other people are doing the same thing as you and competing for the same business. It can be tough to stand apart from the competition, so why not take advantage of our differentiation dominance training program?

In this Differentiation Dominance training, we help you do all of this in a way that’s important to your buyer because at the end of the day if your differentiator doesn’t matter to your prospects – you’ll still be left to compete on price.

Start learning how to position yourself, your company and your offering as the ideal solution to your customer.

How To Overcome Objections


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