Good vs Bad Salespeople

Good vs Bad Salespeople

In every organisation, you’re going to find a combination of good and bad salespeople. Furthermore, I’ve found the key personality traits of successful salespeople that separate the top performers from the bottom. Therefore, in this episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, I’ll share the traits of good vs bad salespeople.

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Traits of a Good Salesperson | Key Traits of Successful Salespeople

First, you should never meet a salesperson that isn’t friendly because to be a good salesperson, you’ve got to have soft skills to really get along with people. For example, there’s this old expression you’ve probably heard. “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.” They’ve got to like you, so you’ve got to be personable.


Second, a desirable personal trait of good salespeople is that you’re always exploring and discovering new tools to benefit your customers. Why? Because selling is not about talking; It’s about listening. There’s an expression that says, “You were born with two ears and only one mouth so that you could listen twice as much as you talk.”

Try to find out more about the customer. Therefore, what are their pain points? Similarly, what are their goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations? Likewise, what are they hoping to achieve or avoid? Above all, you’ve got to be curious and ask a lot of questions. 


You believe the future is something you can control despite challenging economic times. You have to be relentless and never take “no” for an answer. In sales, “no” doesn’t mean no. It means “not yet.” It means “not now.” It means the customer is not sure, not ready, not convinced. Not at this time. But no is never “never.” No is temporary.


You have a way of looking at things and a perspective that your customers value.

Social Intelligence 

Next, you know how to put customers at ease in buying situations, and you’ve got to have those soft skills to be able to really get along with people. Similarly, there’s this old expression you’ve probably heard, “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.” Therefore you’ve got to be personable!


A desirable personal trait of good salespeople is passion; you have to love supporting customers and approach sales with excitement and energy.

Traits of a Bad Salesperson | Good vs Bad Salespeople

Talks Over the Customer

Don’t just focus on your product by reeling off its features and benefits because no one likes to be interrupted or feel like someone isn’t listening; it’s rude. So, please slow down and give your customer time to express their needs and wants. Truly, If you listen carefully, they will tell you the key to closing the deal.

Assumes Everything

Sure, you do your homework and research your prospect before meeting with them, but you don’t know enough no matter how much you know. Second, it’s imperative to remember you should never assume anything. A better approach is to ask questions and listen to what your prospect has to say.


Be fearless about meeting new prospects and believe that you are offering the best solution for the person’s problem. People don’t trust others who are too shy or those unwilling to speak highly of themselves and their company.


Never confuse being confident and assertive with being disrespectful. Respect everyone you speak with: from the person who answers the phone and up. You never know who might become an advocate for the solution you are selling.

Waits For Customer

Many customers are hesitant to commit to making a purchase, especially a costly one. So never wait around for a prospect to call you; call them. This way, you might find out what’s holding them back, and you’ll be able to help them get past their concerns.

Can’t Roll With The Punches

Don’t give up. Sales is a numbers game. Get out there, and sell with passion, even if you feel dejected. You never know who will say, ”Yes.”

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