5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Closing The Sale

Remember that prospect that you met with last week? You know, the presentation that you did? In this episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, Managing Director Tom Abbott discusses the five reasons why you’re not closing that deal!

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1. Your Attitude!

When you lack confidence in yourself, your product and your skills – your prospect will notice, why would they choose to buy from someone who doesn’t believe in their own product? Imagine you have two equally knowledgeable, equally skilled, equally able people offering the same product or service, one has a positive attitude while the other has a negative attitude. I could almost guarantee that the one with the more positive attitude will outperform the one with the negative attitude every time. Write down your greatest sales achievement. You’ll be able to draw upon that for motivation and inspiration. Check your attitude!

2. You Didn’t Qualify The Lead Properly

You didn’t qualify your prospect properly, and now you’ve only just found out they’re only a gatekeeper, not decision-maker didn’t need your product or isn’t even the right time for them now. You’ve just wasted a lot of precious time on the wrong lead! There are so many different qualifying methodologies. You really have no excuse.

3. You Didn’t Differentiate Yourself

Why should they choose you? What is in it for them? If you don’t want to waste your time, you need to find or create a value proposition to what you are offering before you do anything else. 

4. You Can’t Close

You simply can’t close, perhaps your consultative skills are lacking and you can’t handle objections – What to do when the prospect says “no”? Well, a confused mind always says “no” so perhaps you haven’t clarified the information to help them say “yes”. Common objections include:

  • It’s too expensive
  • It takes too long
  • I’m too busy
  • it costs too much
  • It won’t work for me,

You need to clarify their objection, ask if it’s a deal-breaker, respond to it using proof devices, and only then ask for the sale again. At the same time, learn to recognize hopeless selling situations and avoid saying anything that will jeopardize the relationship in the future.

You can also list the common objections people have given you in the past and create a short rationale for why each objection is not valid. Practice saying them out loud so you’ll feel confident when prospects raise objections.

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5. You Didn’t Have A Relationship

A salesperson can compete on the basis of product, price, and service but still lose a sale because of the relationship between the customer and the competitor’s salesperson. Partnering is the highest-quality selling relationship. With increased competition and greater product complexity, we see the need to adopt a relationship strategy that emphasizes the ‘lifetime’ customer.

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