8 Sales Leadership Training Programs You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Essential Sales Skills For Managers

At SOCO/ Sales Training, we’re all about giving you the upper hand in sales, even in unpredictable times. That’s because, as a sales leader in the dynamic world of B2B, staying ahead of the competition requires continuous honing of your skills and adopting cutting-edge strategies. Remain at the forefront of the industry and discover our 8 game-changing sales leadership training programs you simply cannot afford to overlook.

From mastering effective communication techniques to harnessing the power of data analytics, these programs will equip you with the essential tools to elevate your sales team’s performance, drive revenue growth, and propel your organization to unparalleled heights.

Get ready to revolutionize your sales leadership prowess and smash your targets with these unparalleled sales leadership training programs below:

  1. Management Mastery
  2. Strategic Leadership & Management
  3. Virtual Management
  4. Coaching Fundamentals
  5. Key Account Management Training
  6. Mindset for Sales
  7. Social Selling
  8. Virtual Selling

What Do Sales Leaders (And Managers) Do?

Sales leaders and managers are crucial in guiding and managing the sales team. While they aren’t the same role, they have a lot in common, like setting the strategic direction, establishing sales goals, and devising effective sales strategies to drive revenue and achieve business objectives.

Let’s look at their respective roles in more detail in the table below:

Sales LeadersSales Managers
Provide strategic directionImplement strategies set by sales leaders
Set sales goalsEnsure sales team meets targets
Develop effective sales strategiesExecute sales plans and tactics
Analyze market trendsMonitor market conditions and competition
Identify opportunitiesIdentify sales opportunities within assigned area
Drive sales growthAchieve sales targets and revenue growth
Contribute to overall successFocus on day-to-day sales operations
Recruit and train sales representativesSupervise and support sales team members
Monitor sales team performanceEvaluate and improve individual sales performance
Provide coaching and feedbackOffer guidance and mentorship to team members
Collaborate with other departmentsCoordinate with various departments for support
Build relationships with key clientsMaintain customer relationships for repeat sales
Ensure customer satisfactionAddress customer issues and resolve conflicts

What Are The Skills of an Effective Leader?

An effective leader in sales (and not) will always possess diverse skills that enable them to guide and inspire others toward achieving common goals.

While sales leadership styles and skills can vary depending on the context and individual preferences, here are some fundamental skills that are commonly associated with effective and influential sales leaders:

  1. Communication
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Decision-making
  4. Strategic Thinking
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Adaptability
  7. Delegation
  8. Motivation
  9. Integrity
  10. Continuous Learning

How Sales Leadership Training Programs Help Boost Performance

2023 continues to bring change and the need to adapt. As the buying process and the customer journey continue to develop, sales managers and leaders can no longer get by relying on the skills they’ve used previously.

Companies must prioritize and enable their sales teams to evolve their sales strategies to keep up with changing times.

With the new selling environment upon us, we thought we’d share the 8 essential sales training programs for managers and leaders everywhere, as well as the most important sales skills they need to possess to make 2023 a success. Let’s get started!

8 Sales Leadership Training Programs You Can’t Afford to Ignore

  1. Management Mastery
  2. Strategic Leadership & Management
  3. Virtual Management
  4. Coaching Fundamentals
  5. Key Account Management Training
  6. Mindset for Sales
  7. Social Selling
  8. Virtual Selling

1. Building High Performing Teams

Today the competitive landscape can change and increase without a moment’s notice. As a result, leading a team to new heights takes understanding your team’s unique strengths, knowing how to navigate uncharted territory, and constantly inspiring them to reach their maximum potential. Still, it takes a masterful leader to do that.

Building high-performance teams is crucial for sales leaders who want to drive exceptional results.

Not only do effective teams collaborate, but they also benefit from leveraging diverse skills, allowing them to maximize productivity and deliver superior sales outcomes.

That’s why our management mastery training supports managers in developing the skills they need to bring out the best in their team, regardless of whether they’re working in the office, at home, or in a blended environment.

Learn more about Management Mastery Training

Management Mastery Training Booklet, Sales Leadership Training Programs

2. Motivating Teams to Achieve Peak Performance

Strategic sales leadership management training program bookle, Sales Leadership Training Programs

Sales leaders play an essential role in ensuring their team has everything they need to be successful and exceed targets. As a result, leaders often spend too much time improving teams’ skills. So much so that they often forget that real change can only start at the top.

In the dynamic and high-pressure realm of sales, sustaining sales motivation is crucial for achieving long-term success. As a sales professional, you are aware of the pivotal role motivation plays in driving your performance, nurturing customer relationships, and reaching your goals. Nevertheless, maintaining motivation in the face of rejection, setbacks, and fierce competition can present significant challenges.

If that sounds too familiar, maybe it’s time to make the change and develop strategic leadership skills to motivate, manage, nurture, and lead sales teams to success. If done well, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your team foster accountability and goal-setting and employ great time-management strategies while exceeding targets.

Learn more about Strategic Leadership & Management Training

3. Remote Sales Management

Most teams around the world are working from home now, and many companies are scrambling to adapt how their teams work from home and how managers can lead remotely.

As a sales leader, it is crucial for you to learn remote team management skills in today’s work landscape. With the rise of remote work, managing dispersed sales teams requires specific strategies to ensure success.

By developing remote team management skills in Managing Virtually, you can overcome geographical barriers, foster a cohesive team culture, provide the necessary support, maintain accountability, and maximize the performance of your remote sales team. This approach will enable you to effectively lead and drive results, even in a remote work environment.

Recommended for: All leaders managing remote, blended or split teams.

Learn More About Managing Virtually

Managing Virtual Booklet. Sales Leadership Training Programs

4. Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching skills training Singapore booklet, Sales Leadership Training Programs

With markets becoming even more unpredictable by the day, professional coaching quickly becomes a secret weapon for success for sales teams and individuals alike. With coaching support, sales teams and individuals thrive in dynamic and challenging business environments and achieve sustainable success

That’s why Management Coaching Skills Training focuses on training leaders on different coaching styles and applying them to your various work scenarios. 

It also increases employees’ motivation and dedication by training managers to use effective questioning and listening skills to help prompt team members to create solutions and work independently on complex tasks.

Learn more about Coaching Fundamentals Training

5. Key Account Management

Key Account Managers aren’t only responsible for sales but also for planning and managing the entire relationship between their company and its most important customers.

Key Account Management training supports account managers in developing the application skills needed to systematically review and grow their most valuable accounts.

 While also helping them create actionable plans to grow long-term relationships as trusted advisors who provide immediate, measurable, sustainable business results to key clients.

Learn more about Key Account Management Training

Managing Virtual Booklet, Sales Leadership Training Programs

6. A Mindset for Sales

Mindset For Sales Training Program, Sales Leadership Training Programs

While having a positive attitude in sales is almost an essential requirement, it’s vital for roles like account managers, business development, or even pre-sales. Maintaining a resilient and optimistic mindset inspires your team to overcome challenges and perform at their best.

2021 was tough. 2022 was tougher, and 2023 will be what managers and leaders make it – because believing you will succeed is already half the battle, especially when times are tough.

That’s why all sales professionals and small business owners must learn how to stay motivated when the economy slows down, when anxious customers say no, and when things just aren’t going according to plan.

Ultimately, we find that a strong sense of internal motivation often separates the top performers from the underachievers, which is why all of our sales training starts with attitude.

Learn More About Mindset for Sales Training

7. Social Selling

Who doesn’t want to reach their ideal target customers at a scale they’ve never been able to do before? Regardless of whether they’re responsible for lead generation, everyone needs to learn the fundamentals of Social Selling.

That’s why managers and leaders need to ensure they’re relaying social selling techniques and strategies to sales teams to ensure that they can harness the technology tools available to them.

Sales managers who are social selling masters lead sales teams that can easily find their audience, have conversations with prospects, generate sales leads, get past gatekeepers, and keep their all-important pipeline full.

Learn More About Social Selling Training

8. Virtual Selling

virtual selling workshop booklet, Sales Leadership Training Programs

The future is here, and so are new selling environments that require new sales skills, especially in the digital setting.

Everyone from leadership down needs to build rapport virtually, present their solution online effectively, and understand which digital sales tools to incorporate into their processes.

We recommend it for sales managers who prefer to reduce or eliminate face-to-face meetings but still want to build rapport effectively and close deals without meeting prospects in person.

Learn More About Virtual Selling Training

Sales Training for Leaders Pays with SOCO/

SOCO/ is an expert-led, award-winning sales training company. We’ve spent decades working with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies across Asia and the world.

Have SOCO train your team in the top sales skills needed to take on 2023 through either Virtual Instructor-Led Training through video conferencing software or let your team learn new skills in their spare time using our popular e-learning platform – SOCO Academy.

Not sure which of the top sales training programs is right for you? Book an appointment with one of our program advisors who will be happy to build the right training plan for you.

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