How to Build an Outbound Sales Team with Collin Stewart

How To Build An Outbound Sales Team with Collin Stewart

In this Selling in Asia podcast episode, Founder Tom Abbott sits down with Collin Stewart from the Predictable Revenue Podcast to discuss how to build an outbound sales team. As the co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, Collin and his company specialize in setting up outbound sales teams for businesses. He’s a champion for ‘Salespeople shouldn’t prospect.’ Instead, closers should close, account managers should manage accounts, and prospectors should prospect.

Outbound sales Vs. Inbound sales

First of all, let’s answer the question: what are outbound sales teams? Commonly referred to as inside sales teams, prospectors, and even cold callers, they’re actually sales representatives – also often known as sales development reps (SDRs) or business development reps (BDRs), who reach out to cold or lukewarm contact and reaching out to establish a connection. On the other hand, inbound sales teams receive warm leads from various channels, particularly your content strategy, and then pass these deals on to account executives.

So, which approach is better to adopt and more effective for business? The short answer is that they’re both necessary and complementary. However, their differences lie in the simple fact that inbound sales are a long-term process involving creating consistent content, allowing you to build a flow of leads. The only real downside is that you can’t pre-qualify your leads, making the process a little hit-and-miss.

On the flip side, outbound sales allow you to get results quickly. All you have to do is either call or email your pre-qualified prospect. However, consistent effort is required to gain leads; otherwise, you will have absolutely none. For this reason, you need to combine the two sales approaches.

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How to build an outbound sales team

You want to level up your business with a dedicated outbound sales team, but how exactly do you build an outbound sales team? To help you get started, below are some considerations you must make before hiring, training, and implementing your outbound sales strategies.

Separate your inbound and outbound sales teams

Inbound sales reps primarily fill the gap between the sales and marketing teams. On the other hand, outbound sales reps are actively hunting and capturing leads. Therefore, keeping the two entities separate makes sense, mainly because they have different processes. If forced to work in tandem – you’re essentially just giving your sales reps too much to do, and they will often fail to juggle this workload, meaning that your outbound sales team is not high-functioning and as effective for revenue.

Organize your outbound sales team structure

Now that you understand that inbound and outbound sales teams need to be kept separate, you can begin to hire the necessary specialized roles and structure your team.

Sales Development Rep (SDR)

Sales Development Representatives are responsible for qualifying all leads at the initial stages of the sales funnel and are therefore required to research potential clients, connect with and educate prospects, and qualify leads before handing them off to the sales team’s closers. You’ll usually find Sales Development Reps helping to scale up start-ups looking to grow quickly or even when inbound leads aren’t enough to fill the pipeline.

Business Development Rep (BDR)

Business Development Representatives are laser-focused on the organization’s customer base and excel at producing Prospecting Strategies. They aim to identify prospects, initiate the first outreach with potential customers, book meetings, and fill the sales team’s pipelines. 

Develop your outbound sales process

When establishing an outbound sales team, you should first build an outbound sales pipeline, particularly an outbound sales process that can be tweaked, tested, optimized, and scaled upwards in the future. These internal guidelines help align your outbound sales team, keeping them on the same page regarding lead generation.

Market, Messaging, Channels & Tactics

Collin advises that building a successful outbound sales team is more than finding great prospectors, sales development reps, and closers. In fact, each factor in the outbound sales process is a multiplier (messaging, marketing, tactics, and channels), and some can multiply to zero if you don’t do it right. Therefore, having a large market is not enough – you need a verifiable and documented way to put people who are most likely to convert into customers.

Upskill your most valuable resource

Employee training and development are proven to increase job satisfaction and morale. Nothing is more demotivating than not having the skills to excel in one’s role. By providing corporate training for your personnel, you can develop their weaknesses into strengths. Ultimately, this will increase productivity, motivation, and adoption of new technologies while reducing employee turnover.

Invest in your most valuable resource, your sales team, and get them the training they deserve to excel with SOCO/.

Strengthen Your Sales Team with Strategic Leadership & Management Training

Maintaining motivation is critical for sustained achievement. As a sales rep, you know this: motivation drives hard work, customer connections, and goal attainment.

However, staying motivated despite rejection, setbacks, and intense competition poses significant challenges.

Many sales leaders grapple with the same issue within their teams. The solution lies in Strategic Leadership and Management Training. By honing your skills, you empower your sales team to take ownership, plan strategically, and surpass expectations.

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