How To Manage Remote Workers Effectively With AltCoin Fantasy

How To Manage Remote Workers Effectively - Hiring and Managing Remote Workers with AltCoin Fantasy Selling In Asia Podcast

In this Selling in Asia podcast episode, Tom Abbott sits down with two SOCO customers, Cynthia and Tommy, from the blockchain start-up and crypto trading simulation AltCoin Fantasy. Join them as they discuss what small businesses can do to learn how to manage remote workers effectively, what to look for when hiring remote workers, and how to engage them to make them feel part of the company.

How to hire remote workers

To know how to hire a remote worker, you need to understand the qualities of a good remote worker to make an informed decision when hiring. Below are the traits recommended by Cynthia and Tommy to look for when hiring your next remote worker:

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A Self-Starter

The best remote workers are self-starters with boundless motivation. For this reason, they ask plenty of questions, clarify objectives and are remarkably self-sufficient. Therefore, they need less training, supervision and support – meaning that you can get on doing what you do best knowing that they are efficient in their processes and solve problems without using up company resources,


Another sought-after trait among remote workers is the ability to be self-aware. Particularly in terms of their motivation and energy levels and communicating that effectively to their team. This means they also understand the importance of deadlines and being responsive and punctual in their role.


Frankly, business is busy. Therefore, excellent remote workers know that they need to adapt and respond to a change on the fly. Employees who are stuck in their ways will cause your processes to slow down.

How to manage remote workers effectively

Equip remote workers

It’s critical that you ensure your remote workers have the resources to fulfill their role before you do anything else, whether specialized industry-specific software, hardware, or just access to certain files. However, regarding collaborative tools, you need to be ready for communications, which is less efficient than in-person.

Cultivate trust

Understandably, you want to know precisely what your employee is doing at any time in the workday. However, remote working doesn’t have this level of visibility. Therefore, you need to learn how to cultivate trust and not respond to the situation by micromanaging.

Practice recognition

Recognition is key to motivating your remote workers. However, it also critically serves as a reminder, example and benchmark for other employees to replicate. Try rewarding your remote workers with public acknowledgment, tokens of appreciation, opportunities to develop and cheap perks.

Find channels of remote social interaction

Who hasn’t heard of Zoom? Connecting via virtual means has never been easier with the amount of tools available today. Ultimately, this negates your remote workers feeling left out and lonely. It also keeps them in the loop and updated with the business’s mission, vision, and personal expectations for their contribution.

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