How Sales And Marketing Increase Revenue Together with Andy Culligan

In this exciting episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, Tom sits down with Andy Culligan, chief marketing officer at Leadfeeder – The web app increases your sales intelligence by integrating sales and marketing data. Don’t miss out on this episode as they discuss the importance of marketing and sales working in tandem to improve prospecting, set up revenue targets, and how they interlink to foster this alignment. As well as key insights into:

  • How sales reps can elevate the customer or prospect touchpoint and why this is crucial. 
  • What you should avoid when using an omnichannel approach.
  • Essential sales tools you need right now

Aligning Sales & Marketing

The most crucial element in a marketing organization at the moment is revenue. If you’re not thinking of revenue, then you’re not going to be aligned with your sales team. If they’re not aligned with your sales team, then the marketing team won’t be taken seriously, and both will go off to do their own thing. It’s just a waste of resources, and now you’ve got this gap in the middle. Therefore you end up in confusion, and the customer just doesn’t benefit at all.

Ultimately you’re bringing the two departments together as one organization, rather than two separate entities that are moving in a different direction. Therefore, the alignment starts to trickle down, so you’ll have people in the marketing team going back over to the sales with questions and vice-versa.

Setting Revenue Targets With Sales & Marketing

When aligning your sales and marketing team by setting revenue targets together, start by considering your goals for the year. Then further break that down into how many new customers you need to hit the target. Which ultimately helps your marketing team to create content, optimize relevant landing pages and manage campaigns.

Essential Sales Tools

Customer Relationship Management Software 

You could use Salesforce or Zoho or Microsoft Dynamics. Whatever you’re using make sure you’re using it. What’s the best CRM platform? The answer is the one that your team actually uses.

They’re all great; they all have great features and limitations and some customization elements but don’t get fixated on that. Just make sure that you’ve got buy-in to use the CRM at the highest levels to show your reps how they can actually save time and close more deals faster by entering their notes in there and set follow-up action items and reminders and tasks so they can stay on top of their sales pipeline.

Social Media

Make sure that you’re using LinkedIn as a minimum in your sales tech stack. Sales teams need to be using social media platforms. If you’re in B2B sales in particular, make sure that your team is very active on LinkedIn and using it for prospecting for researching customers and for nurturing leads. For those that aren’t yet ready to buy.

Website Monitoring for Sales Teams

While marketing teams have analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook, sales teams can get intelligence on website visitors that helps them fill their pipeline with tools like Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder and the likes allow teams to identify which companies are visiting their website and get email alerts when a certain company visits. This gives them the ability to know which companies they should be following up with and when.

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More About Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a buyer intent data tool that turns anonymous web traffic into actionable data. Leadfeeder identifies the companies visiting your site, how they got there, their behavior, and their intent to purchase.

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