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Salesforce Live Asia – Sales Leads the Way

Salesforce Live Asia with Tom Abbott Sales Leads the Way

In the blink of an eye, the world has changed and so has the way sales teams sell their solution. Because of all of these changes, it’s been a pleasure to pair up with Salesforce to bring fresh ideas to sales teams across Asia.

During Salesforce’s recent Salesforce Live: Asia I had the chance to share not only cutting edge best practices around how to sell in the current environment, but I also hosted a Sales Leader Circle where we tackled issues sales leaders across Asia are facing right now.

During the 1 day Salesforce Live: Asia event on 8 July 2020, myself and 10s of other Trailblazers from both Salesforce and other companies who are successfully navigating today’s new business environment, shared how other companies and individuals can stabilise, reopen and grow their business with Salesforce.

You can register below to watch the recording and make sure to also check out the webinar I did on Building Sales Resilience with Salesforce.

Sales Leads the Way

As a result of COVID-19, organisations need to reshape their offerings to meet changing customers needs. Now more than ever, sales teams are perfectly placed to be a catalyst of change within their firms and determine where innovation needs to occur to meet the changing marketplace. 

Hear from Carol Fong, Regional VP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce and Tom Abbott, Sales Optimisation Expert and Keynote Speaker from SOCO Sales Training, on how teams in ASEAN are rethinking remote collaboration, augmenting their engagement efforts and overcoming challenges organisations are facing today while thriving in their values.

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Building Sales Resilience – How to Motivate Your Sales Team

As economies in Asia reopen, businesses need to prepare for the new normal and that includes doubling down on resilience. I recently hosted a webinar on Building Sales Resilience with Carol Fong, Regional VP, Commercial Sales at Salesforce. We addressed chief concerns from sales leaders about how to keep their teams and customers engaged, especially when the return to face-to-face selling could be gradual.

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