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Learn from the world’s best founders, sales leaders and business people about what it takes to succeed at your selling product, service or dream in Asia. In the weekly episodes Tom Abbott founder of SOCO Sales Training interviews exceptional people making a difference to the bottom line of companies across Asia and the world. Mixed in with the interviews are short rants and teachings by Tom as he travels the world helping companies increase sales. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a sales professional or a sales leader, you’ll discover actionable strategies that can be applied right away.

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5 LinkedIn Outreach Tricks To Generate High-Quality B2B Leads with Stefan Smulders

5 LinkedIn Outreach Tricks To Generate High-Quality B2B Leads

Unsurprisingly, you’re not the only salesperson trying to connect with prospects on LinkedIn. As the professional platform continues to rapidly grow on its 800 million users (including plenty of large outbound operations), our competition for attention is growing. Too many leads now receive the same obvious sales messages – and are becoming more suspicious and

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Is The Rise Of RevOps Vs Sales Ops The Future Of Sales?

While Rev Ops just sounds like a buzzword used to emphasise the need for growth – it’s actually quickly changing how companies approach revenue, and in turn, becoming a significant focus for many. Growth no longer looks like a funnel; instead, it’s a wheel centred around getting customers, engaging them, and then delighting them to restart the

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Using Sales Psychology To Hire Top-Performers

How to Identify Drive In Sales Candidates With Dr Christopher Croner

In this episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, Tom Abbott sits down with Dr Christopher Croner, the Principal of SalesDrive, LLC – a firm specialising in selecting and deploying high-performing salespeople. Join them as they discuss how to identify drive in sales candidates. In particular, the three elements of internal “drive” set these top-performers apart from the rest.

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3 Steps to Blissful Prospecting With Jason Bay

In this episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, Tom Abbott sits down with Jason Bay, Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting, to discuss why prospecting is still so important in today’s sales landscape. So get ready for an episode dedicated to discussing everything and anything related to cold outreach, whether that’s cold emails, cold calling, sequencing,

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Hiring sales reps that can sell a startup

Hiring Sales Reps That Can Sell a Startup With Mathew Ward

In this episode of the Selling in Asia Podcast, Tom sits down with Founder & CEO at Workmate Mathew Ward to discuss how to lead remote sales teams. Particularly how to identify the traits of great salespeople that Mat recommends looking for when hiring, so join them as we gain a glimpse inside what it takes to build

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