5 Steps for Overcoming Stalled Negotiations

5 steps for overcoming stalled negotiations

Stalled negotiations are frustrating for both parties involved. The person you’re trying to close a deal with isn’t budging, and you’re getting tired. But what if there was a way to get around this? Overcoming a negotiation that isn’t going anywhere is easy with a few simple steps.

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1. Get rid of the hostility 

It’s easier to catch bees with honey than with vinegar. So if there is any hostility on the table, your negotiation is going nowhere (except the trash). If awkward silence prevails, try making an (appropriate) joke to cut the tension. You can also try offering a small token or change to the negotiation if you feel it’s going nowhere. While you might not get everything you want, giving a little to get a lot in return can prove very beneficial.

2. Communication problems 

Practice good listening techniques. This means to sit still, close your mouth, make eye contact, and truly listen to what the other person is saying. Too often we listen only to respond and not to actually hear what the other person is trying to say. Open-ended questions on your part can also help to bring out any miscommunication or confusion. Getting to the bottom of why the other party is upset or the negotiation simply isn’t going anywhere can only be done when both individuals or groups are clear on the issue that is causing the roadblock. 

It’s also important to uncover hidden agendas that can hinder negotiations.

3. The “Salami” Tactic 

If the problem is so large, it seems like you won’t overcome it due to sheer volume; it can be helpful to break it down into pieces. Then resolve each piece one by one, called the Salami tactic). There can’t be forward movement if there’s confusion in both parties about what the real issue is, or the issue is so large you can’t understand it.

4. Find commonality

This helps both parties in stalled negotiations because they are better able to understand each other and the issue as a whole. During an argument, people focus almost entirely on their differences instead of on what makes them similar.

By empathizing with the other person or group, and showing you understand where they are coming from (while also associating how your end of the deal is pertinent to them), you can move past the issue holding you back.

For example, if the price of a service is what is causing the holdup it may be a good idea to break the price down and show how it will benefit both them and you in order to find common ground. 

5. Finding alternatives 

Sometimes things just aren’t going anywhere and there is no way around it. You’ve tried everything listed here (and more) and they just won’t budge.

Consider a toddler, they don’t like being told what to do or only given one option. If you provide multiple options, they are more willing to listen and comply when they are able to choose the final outcome. However, this final outcome will always benefit you (red pajamas or blue pajamas?) either way, they’re still in pajamas! Finding an alternative and giving your counterpart multiple options is a great way to move past a negotiation that has reached an impasse.

Going into a negotiation with at least two options (or stepping away to come up with another option or two) is a smart move to ensure that you don’t spend time talking to a brick wall. 

Learn How To Overcome Stalled Negotiations With Ease

Profit, relationships and deals are won or lost during the negotiation process. When successful negotiators arrive armed with the tools and skills needed to negotiate effectively, desired outcomes are optimised, and loss of profit is avoided. The thing is, when it comes to negotiations, profits and closed deals aren’t the only desired outcome. That’s where our Negotiation Skills Training comes in. 

Preservation of the relationship is also crucial to ensure long term business opportunities and negative feelings aren’t harboured.

Sales professionals, procurement departments, and business leaders must learn how to navigate effective negotiations that positively impact both parties and inspire future business.

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